Movie #68:


Film Date: 1947
Film Type: crime

Movie #69:

Her Husband's Affairs

Film Date: 1947
Film Type: comedy

Movie #70:

Sorrowful Jones

Film Date: 1949
Film Type: comedy

Movie #71:

Easy Living

Film Date: 1949
Film Type: drama

Notes: Though he was ignored by contemporary reviewers, future talk-show host Jack Paar has an amusing supporting role. Most of the football players seen in Easy Living were drawn from the ranks of the real-life L.A. Rams.

Movie #72:

Miss Grant Takes Richmond

Film Date: 1949
Film Type: comedy

Movie #73:

A Woman of Distinction

Film Date: 1950
Film Type: comedy

Notes: Appearing in unbilled cameos are Lucille Ball as herself, and Ball's future TV cohort Gale Gordon as a railroad ticket agent.

Movie #74:

Fancy Pants

Film Date: 1950
Film Type: comedy

Notes: If the ending seems abrupt, it may be because the original finale, in which a fleeing Bob Hope and Lucille Ball were to be rescued by surprise guest star Roy Rogers, was abandoned just before the scene was shot.

Movie #75:

The Fuller Brush Girl

Film Date: 1950
Film Type: comedy

Notes: This picture also inspired the My Favorite Husband Episode #98, "Fuller Brush Show". Highlights include Lucille Ball's outrageous striptease scene, to the tune of Rita Hayworth's "Put the Blame on Mame", and a choice cameo by Red Skelton as an all-too-cooperative customer.

Movie #76:

The Magic Carpet

Film Date: 1951
Film Type: adventure

Notes: Hoping to force Lucille Ball into breaking her contract, Columbia Pictures chieftain Harry Cohn assigned her to this low-budget Arabian Nights escapade.

Movie #77:

The Long, Long Trailer

Film Date: 1954
Film Type: comedy

Notes: Despite the fact that audiences could watch Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz in I Love Lucy for free each week on television, The Long, Long Trailer was a big hit at the box-office.

Movie #78:

Forever Darling

Film Date: 1956
Film Type: comedy

Notes: When Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz beat the odds against TV stars succeeding on the big screen in The Long, Long Trailer, MGM contracted America's favorite couple for a second theatrical feature.

Movie #79:

The Facts of Life

Film Date: 1960
Film Type: comedy

Notes: Long unavailable for viewing due to legal tangles, The Facts of Life has gained legendary status as one of the few Bob Hope films of the 1960s to concentrate on character development rather than silly one-liners.

Movie #80:

Critic's Choice

Film Date: 1963
Film Type: comedy

Notes: Ira Levin wrote the stage comedy Critic's Choice as a good-natured retort to a comment made by critic Walter Kerr.

Movie #81:

A Guide for the Married Man

Film Date: 1967
Film Type: comedy

Movie #82:

Yours, Mine and Ours

Film Date: 1968
Film Type: comedy

Movie #83:


Film Date: 1974
Film Type: musical

Movie #84:

Stone Pillow

Film Date: 1985
Film Type: drama

Notes: Filming took place in May 1985. Lucy suffered severe dehydration as a result of the intense New York heat and the heavy clothing she had to wear. Lucy never fully recovered from the dehydration, and suffered a couple mild strokes. Lucy named her character "Florabelle", in honor of her grandmother, which was her name as well.

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