Her Husband's Affairs


Her Husband's Affairs (1947)

(featuring Lucille Ball as Margaret Weldon)

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Lucille Ball offers a seminal version of her Lucy Ricardo TV character in Her Husband's Affairs.

Lucille Ball is cast as Margaret Weldon, the wife of advertising executive William Weldon (Franchot Tone). Though Weldon is successful, Margaret can't help but feel that he'd be more successful if she were to take an active part in his business affairs. The fun really begins when Margaret tries to help Weldon promote a crackpot inventor (Mikhail Rasumny) who's come up with a revolutionary new embalming fluid, a magical hair-growing formula, and one that turns flowers into stone.

When circumstances conspire to make it appear Bill has murdered the inventor, he spends more time in the courtroom promoting his wild ideas than he does defending his life. Margaret's testimony saves her husband, after which he continues to demand she quit meddling in his affairs.

Special Notes: This film marked the first Columbia release of a Cornell Pictures production.

Movie #69
Film Date: 1947

Release Date: November 12, 1947
Film Type: comedy
Film Color: black/white
Studio: Columbia
Film Length: 84 minutes

S. Sylvan Simon (Director)

Character Role:
Lucille Ball (Margaret Weldon)

Supporting Cast:
Nana Bryant (Mrs. Winterbottom)
Franchot Tone (William Weldon)
Edward Everett Horton (J.B. Cruikshank)
Mikhail Rasumny (Prof. Glinka)
Gene Lockhart (Peter Winterbottom)
Jonathan Hale (Gov. Fox)
Selmar Jackson (Judge)
Carl Leviness (Vice President Brady)
Frank Mayo (Vice President Starrett)
Mabel Paige (Mrs. Jasper)
Jack Rice (Slocum)
Arthur Space (District Attorney)
Charles Trowbridge (Brewster)
Pierre Watkin (Vice President Beitler)
Charles Wilson (Police Captain)
Douglas Wood (Tappel)
Paul Stanton (Dr. Frazee)
John Cason (Heckler)
Dan Stowell (Willowcombe)
Wanda Cantlon
Victor Travers (Jury Foreman)
Nancy Saunders
Gerald Oliver Smith (Harold)
Fred Sears (Man at Mayor's Party)
Susan Simon (Girl)
Harry V. Cheshire (Mayor)
Charles Williams (Clerk)
Frank Wilcox (Floorwalker)
Charley Bates
Eric Wilton (Governor's Butler)
Buz Buckley
Emmett Vogan (Mr. Miller)
Russ Whiteman (Policeman)
Bill Wallace
Stanley Blystone (Ike)
Buddy Gorman (Youth)
Frederic Howard (Bailiff)
H.W. Gim
Virginia Hunter
Teddy Infuhr
Edythe Elliott (Nurse)
William Gould (Jailer)
Dwayne Hickman (Boy)
Richard H. Gordon (Vice President Nicholson)
Chuck Hamilton
Cliff Clark (Gus)
Fred Miller (Dan)
Clancy Cooper (Window Washer)
Doris Colleen (Secretary)
Larry Parks (himself)
Robert Emmett Keane (Manager)
Tommy Lee)
Douglas D. Coppin (Milkman)
James B. Leong
George Douglas