Stone Pillow


Stone Pillow (1985)

(featuring Lucille Ball as Florabelle)

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The Lucille Ball we see in Stone Pillow is a cranky bag lady, fiercely independent and violently resistant to do-gooders who try to alter her homeless status.

Daphne Zuniga plays an idealistic social worker who tries to get Ball off the streets. It is only after watching several of her fellow indigents die where they sleep that Ball agrees to give up her "stone pillow."

Special Notes: Filming took place in May 1985. Lucy suffered severe dehydration as a result of the intense New York heat and the heavy clothing she had to wear. Lucy never fully recovered from the dehydration, and suffered a couple mild strokes. Lucy named her character "Florabelle", in honor of her grandmother, which was her name as well.

Movie #84
Film Date: 1985

Release Date: November 5, 1985
Film Type: drama
Film Color: color
Studio: CBS (Made for TV)
Film Length: 100 minutes

George Schaefer (Producer, Director)
Terry Donnelly (Producer)

Character Role:
Lucille Ball (Florabelle)

Supporting Cast:
Daphne Zuniga (Carrie Lang)
John Ramsey (Older Thug)
Mary Lou Rosato (Bus Terminal Cop)
Peter Phillips (Bus Driver)
Patricia O'Connell (Hargrove Shelter Guard)
Ray Serra (Stan)
Stefan Schnabel (Mr. Berman)
Edward Seamon (Al)
Rebecca Schull (Mrs. Nelson)
Susan Batson (Ruby)
William Converse-Roberts (Max)
Gloria Cromwell (Bus Terminal Matron)
Imogene Bliss (Violet)
Josephine Nichols (Bag Lady in Ladies' Rm.)
Pat McNamara (Daggett)
Anna Maria Horsford (Collins)
Stephen Lang (Tim)
Patrick Kilpatrick (Young Thug)