Yours, Mine and Ours


Yours, Mine and Ours (1968)

(featuring Lucille Ball as Helen Beardsley)

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This story is taken from the real-life marriage of two people in the early 1960s. Helen North (Lucille Ball) is a widow with eight children who falls in love with Naval officer Frank Beardsley (Henry Fonda), a widower with ten children of his own.

The two marry as comedy ensues from the sheer numbers and diverse age groups of the offspring. Narration is used in the first half of the film to help set the stage for the impending nuptials.

Van Johnson is the mutual friend who brings the couple together. Tom Bosley plays the harried doctor who makes a house call and finds almost two dozen patients under one roof. The newlyweds are soon off to the hospital when Helen becomes pregnant with the couple's first child in this amusing family comedy.

Special Notes: Location scenes filmed in San Francisco. Based on the true story about the Frank and Helen Beardsley family of California in the early 1960's. Desilu Productions bought the rights to the story long before Helen's autobiographical book Who Gets the Drumstick? was released to bookstores.

Movie #82
Film Date: 1968

Release Date: April 24, 1968
Film Type: comedy
Film Color: Technicolor
Studio: Desilu-Walden Production/United Artists
Film Length: 111 minutes

Melville Shavelson (Director)
Robert F. Blumote (Producer)

Character Role:
Lucille Ball (Helen North Beardsley)

Supporting Cast:
Henry Fonda (Frank Beardsley)
Van Johnson (Darrel Harrison)
Tom Bosley (Doctor)
Louise Troy (Frank's Date)
Jennifer Leak (Colleen North)
Eric Shea (Phillip North)
Ben Murphy (Larry)
Nancy Roth (Rosemary Beardsley)
Suzanne Cupito (Louise Beardsley)
Maralee Foster (Mary Beardsley)
Tracy Nelson (Germaine Beardsley)
Stephanie Oliver (Joan Beardsley)
Tim Matheson (Mike Beardsley)
Robert Lieb (Happy San Franciscan
Michele Tobin (Veronica Beardsley)
Arthur Peterson (Priest)
Stuart Nisbet (Man of the Cloth)
Gil Rogers (Rusty Beardsley)
Paul Potash (Hippie)
Mitch Vogel (Tommy North)
Walter Brooke (Howard Beardsley)
Kimberly Beck (Janette North)
Eve Bruce (2nd Young Lady)
Kevin Burchett (Nicky North)
Richard Angarola (French Actor on TV Screen)
Lynnell Atkins (Teresa North)
Gregory Atkins (Gerald North)
Margot Jane (Jean North)
Harry Holcombe (Judge)
Larry Hankin (Supermarket Clerk)
Nancy Howard (Nancy Beardsley)
Lilyan Chauvin (French Actress on TV Screen)
Marjorie Eaton (Housekeeper #3)
Mary Gregory (Sister Mary Alice)
Gary Goetzman (Greg Beardsley)