A Guide for the Married Man


A Guide for the Married Man

(1967) (featuring Lucille Ball as Mrs. Joe)

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Robert Morse, with the help of an all-star cast, teaches Walter Matthau the fine art of philandering in A Guide for the Married Man.

Matthau, happily married to sexy Inger Stevens, has no burning desire to cheat, but Morse makes the prospect sound very attractive. Finally taking the "big step" with a glamorous brunette after months of careful preparation, Matthau finds that he loves his wife way too much to betray her, while the ever-careful Morse ends up in divorce court.

Among the myriad of "advisors" peppered throughout Guide for the Married Man are Art Carney, Lucille Ball, Jack Benny, Jayne Mansfield, Terry-Thomas and Carl Reiner.

Special Notes: Ira Levin wrote the stage comedy Critic's Choice as a good-natured retort to a comment made by critic Walter Kerr. In his essay How Not to Write a Play, Kerr noted that the worst possible scenario would involve a drama critic forced to review a play written by his wife (we should mention that Kerr's own wife was noted playwright Jean Kerr).

Movie #81
Film Date: 1967

Release Date: May 25, 1967
Film Type: comedy
Film Color: DeLuxe Color
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Film Length: 89 minutes

Gene Kelly (Director)
Frank McCarthy (Producer)

Character Role:
Lucille Ball (Technical Adviser, Mrs. Joe X)

Supporting Cast:
Walter Matthau (Paul Manning)
Robert Morse (Ed Stander)
Inger Stevens (Ruth Manning)
Sue Ane Langdon (Mrs. Irma Johnson)
Claire Kelly (Harriet Stander)
Linda Harrison (Miss Stardust)
Elaine Devry (Jocelyn Montgomery
Michael Romanoff (Maitre d'Hotel)
Jason Wingreen (Mr. Johnson)
Pat Becker (Party Guest)
Jack Benny (Cameo)
Joey Bishop (Technical Adviser)
Sid Caesar (Technical Adviser)
Art Carney (Technical Adviser)
Wally Cox (Technical Adviser)
Jayne Mansfield (Technical Adviser)
Hal March (Technical Adviser)
Louis Nye (Technical Adviser)
Carl Reiner (Technical Adviser)
Phil Silvers (Technical Adviser)
Terry-Thomas (Technical Adviser)
Ben Blue (Technical Adviser)
Ann Morgan Guilbert (Guest Artists)
Jeffrey Hunter (Technical Adviser)
Marty Ingels (Technical Adviser)
Sam Jaffe (Technical Advisor)
Aline Towne (Mrs. Mousey Man)
George Neise (Man in Bed)
Julie Tate (Woman in Bed)
Virginia Wood (Bubbles)
Dale Van Sickel (Stunt Driver)
Robert Patten (Party Guest)
Eddie Quillan (Cologne Salesman)
Patricia Sides (Patricia Sides)
Jackie Russell (Miss Harris)
Warrene Ott (Woman with Gun)
Heather Young (Girl with Megaphone)
Jimmy Cross (Mr. Brown)
Heather Carroll (Mrs. Miller)
Nancy de Carl (Woman with Baby)
Mickey Deems (Waiter)
Karen Arthur (Lady Dinner Partner)
Dee Carroll (Party Guest)
Majel Barrett (Mrs. Fred V.)
Eve Brent (Joe X's Blowzy Blonde)
Ray Montgomery (Party Guest)
Evelyn King (Female Plaintiff)
Jackie Joseph (Party Guest)
Damian London (Lone Male Diner)
Pat McCaffrie (Motel Clerk)
Tommy Farrell (Rance G's Hanger-on)
Chanin Hale (Miss Crenshaw)
Fred Hollyday (Party Guest)
Tim Herbert (Shoe Clerk)
Sharyn Hillyer (Girl in Bed)