Fancy Pants


Fancy Pants (1950)

(featuring Lucille Ball as Agatha Floud)

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Fancy Pants is a musicalized remake of the oft-filmed Harry Leon Wilson story Ruggles of Red Gap, tailored to the talents of "Mr. Robert Hope (formerly Bob)".

The basic plotline of the original, that of an English butler entering the service of a rowdy nouveau-riche family from the American West, is retained. The major difference is that main character (Bob Hope) plays a third-rate American actor who only pretends to be a British gentleman's gentleman.

Social-climbing American heiress Agatha Floud (Lucille Ball) hires Arthur Tyler (Bob Hope) to impress her high-society English acquaintances, then takes him back to her ranch in New Mexico. Though there are many close shaves, Arthur manages to convince the wild and woolly westerners that he's a genuine British Lord, even pulling the wool over the eyes of visiting celebrity Teddy Roosevelt (John Alexander).

Special Notes: If the ending seems abrupt, it may be because the original finale, in which a fleeing Bob Hope and Lucille Ball were to be rescued by surprise guest star Roy Rogers, was abandoned just before the scene was shot.

Movie #74
Film Date: 1950

Release Date: July 19, 1950
Film Type: comedy
Film Color: Technicolor
Studio: Paramount
Film Length: 92 minutes

George Marshall (Director)
Robert L. Welch (Producer)

Character Role:
Lucille Ball (Agatha Floud)

Supporting Cast:
Bob Hope (Arthur Tyler)
Bruce Cabot (Cart Belknap)
Jack Kirkwood (Mike Floud)
Eric Blore (Sir Wimbley)
Lea Penman (Effie Floud)
Hugh French (George Van-Basingwell)
Joseph Vitale (Wampum)
John Alexander (Teddy Roosevelt)
Norma Varden (Lady Maude)
Joe Wong (Wong)
Ray Bennett (Secret Service Man)
Howard Petrie (US Government Agent)
Jean Ruth (Miss Wilkins)
Ida Moore (Betsy, Bessie)
Henry Mirelez
Harry Martin (Englishman)
Grace Albertson (Dolly)
Ethel Wales (Mrs. Wilkins)
Almira Sessions (Belle)
Hank Bell (Barfly)
Gilchrist Stuart (Wicket Keeper)
Edgar Dearing (Mr. Jones)
Charles Cooley (Man)
Sam Harris (Umpire)
Percy Helton (Maj. Fogarty)
Alex Frazer (Stagehand)
Jimmie Dundee (Henchman)
Bob Kortman (Henchman)
Virginia Kelly (Rosalind)
Oliver Blake (Mr. Andrews)
Chester Conklin (Guest)
Robin Hughes (Cyril)
Colin Keith-Johnston (Twombley)
Olaf Hytten (Stage Manager)