Lured (1947)

(featuring Lucille Ball as Sandra Carpenter)

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Sandra Carpenter (Lucille Ball) is an American taxi-dancer living in London whose roommate has disappeared. The missing girl had left to answer a job offer in the "personal" column of the Times, just like several other women who've vanished without a trace.

Scotland Yard detective George Zucco suggests that Sandra answer the personals herself in hopes trapping the killer. She crosses the paths of several eccentrics, including deranged artist (Boris Karloff), who for a brief time is the prime suspect.

The actual culprit, a sex murderer, is the least likely and most helpful of Sandra's contacts, a fact that she learns almost too late.

Special Notes: Although Boris Karloff is billed fourth in the credits, he only appears in one scene. According to a Hollywood Reporter news item, Lucille Ball "collapsed on the set" of the film, shutting down production for three days.

Movie #68
Film Date: 1947

Release Date: September 5, 1947
Film Type: crime
Film Color: black/white
Studio: Hunt Stromberg Production/United Artists
Film Length: 102 minutes

Douglas Sirk (Director)
James Nasser (Producer)

Character Role:
Lucille Ball (Sandra Carpenter)

Supporting Cast:
George Sanders (Robert Fleming)
Charles Coburn (Inspector Temple)
Alan Mowbray (Maxwell)
Cedric Hardwicke (Julian Wilde)
George Zucco (Officer Barrett)
Joseph Calleia (Dr. Moryani)
Tanis Chandler (Lucy Barnard)
Boris Karloff (Artist)
Jimmy Aubrey (Nelson)
Dorothy Vaughan (Mrs. Miller)
Robert Coote (Officer Barret)
Alan Napier (Inspector Gordon)
Sam Harris (Old Man at Concert)