Miss Grant Takes Richmond


Miss Grant Takes Richmond (1949)

(featuring Lucille Ball as Ellen Grant)

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Ellen Grant (Lucille Ball), an efficient but naïve secretary hired by Dick Richmond (William Holden). Ostensibly a legit real estate salesman, Richmond is actually the brains of a bookie ring.

It takes forever for Ellen Grant to tumble on to what's going on, but when she does she settles matters by adopting a disguise and a line of snappy patter. The chastened Richmond marries Grant and agrees to devote his life to running an honest real-estate firm on behalf of the deserving homeless.

Special Notes: Lucille Ball was at the peak of her pre-television movie career during this time. It would be two years before her stardom on television in I Love Lucy. William Holden's career, like Lucille Ball's, would mushroom in the 1950s. He was just a year away from filming the blockbuster Sunset Boulevard.

Movie #72
Film Date: 1949

Release Date: September 20, 1949
Film Type: comedy
Film Color: black/white
Studio: Columbia
Film Length: 87 minutes

Lloyd Bacon (Director)
S. Sylvan Simon (Producer)

Character Role:
Lucille Ball (Ellen Grant)

Supporting Cast:
William Holden (Dick Richmond)
Janis Carter (Peggy Donato)
James Gleason (J. Hobart Gleason)
Gloria Henry (Helen White)
Frank McHugh (Mr. Kilcoyne)
George Cleveland (Judge Ben Grant)
Stephen Dunne (Ralph Winton)
Arthur Space (Willacombe)
Will Wright (Roscoe Johnson)
Jimmy Lloyd (Homer White)
Loren Tindall (Charles Meyers)
Ola Lorraine (Jeanie Meyers)
Claire Meade (Aunt Mae)
Roy Roberts (Foreman)
Charles Lane (Woodruff)
Harry V. Cheshire (Leo Hopkins)
Wanda Perry (Ruth)
Michael Ross (Hood)
Jack Overman
Glenn Thompson (Carpenter)
Charles Sullivan (Worker)
Stanley Waxman (Sig Davis)
Cosmo Sardo (Maitre D')
Sid Saylor (Surveyor)
Robert Strong
Eddie Acuff (Bus Driver)
Marjorie Stapp
Cliff Clark (Job Boss)
Don Hayden
Wanda Cantlon (Maid)
Jerry Jerome
Michael Cisney (Lawyer)
Harry Harvey (Councilman Reed)
Bret Hamilton
Paul Newlan
Charles Marsh (Court Clerk)
Peter Brocco
Brad Johnson
Ted Jordan
Billy Lechner (Soda Clerk)
Tom Kingston (Bit Player)