Sorrowful Jones


Sorrowful Jones (1949)

(featuring Lucille Ball as Gladys O'Neill)

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A shifty Broadway bookie, Sorrowful Jones (Bob Hope) becomes a reluctant foster parent when an anxious gambler leaves behind his little girl Martha Jane (Mary Jane Saunders) as a "marker," or IOU.

When the father is killed by mobster Big Steve Holloway (Bruce Cabot), Sorrowful decides to hide Martha Jane from the authorities, lest the poor girl get tossed in an orphanage.

Lucille Ball co-stars as Sorrowful's erstwhile girlfriend Gladys, who along with Mary Jane is instrumental in "reforming" the cynical Jones. The climactic scenes, wherein Sorrowful tries to smuggle a horse into a hospital in order to bring the little girl out of a coma, deftly combines slapstick with pathos.

Special Notes: Bob Hope and Lucille Ball reprised their roles in a Lux Radio Theatre broadcast on November 21, 1949.

Movie #70
Film Date: 1949

Release Date: July 4, 1949
Film Type: comedy
Film Color: black/white
Studio: Paramount
Film Length: 88 minutes

Sidney Lanfield (Director)
Robert L. Welch (Producer)

Character Role:
Lucille Ball (Gladys O'Neill)

Supporting Cast:
Bob Hope (Humphrey "Sorrowful" Jones)
William Demarest (Regret)
Mary Jane Saunders (Martha Jane Smith)
Bruce Cabot (Big Steve Holloway)
Thomas Gomez (Reardon)
Tom Pedi (Once Over Sam)
Paul Lees (Orville Smith)
Houseley Stevenson (Doc Chesley)
Ben Welden (Big Steve's Bodyguard)
Emmett Vogan (Psychiatrist)
Ralph Peters (Cab Driver)
Sally Rawlinson
Allan Ray
Patsy O'Byrne (Scrubwoman)
Frank Mills
Sid Tomack (Waiter at Steve's Place)
Arthur Space (Plainclothesman)
Harry Tyler (Blinky)
Eddie Rio (Bookie)
Jack Roberts
Billy Snyder
John Shay (Doctor)
William Yip)
Michael A. Cirillo (Horseplayer)
Kid Chissell
Charles Cooley (Shorty)
James Cornell
Claire Carleton (Agnes "Happy Hips" Noonan)
George Chan (Chinaman)
Douglas Carter
Maurice Cass (Psychiatrist)
John Miller (Head Phone Man)
Pat Lane
Marc Krah (Barber)
Louise Lorimer (Nurse)
Jim Davies (Horseplayer)
Edgar Dearing (Police Lt. Mitchell)
Bob Kortman (Horseplayer)
Sam Finn
Selmar Jackson (Doctor)