Easy Living


Easy Living (1949)

(featuring Lucille Ball as Anne)

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No relation to the 1937 screwball comedy of the same name, Easy Living is a film about the world of professional sports. Victor Mature plays Pete Wilson, star halfback of the New York Chiefs. Well past his prime, Wilson would like to retire to a coaching job, but his rival Tim McCarr (Sonny Tufts) beats him to it.

Financially, Wilson is really in no position to retire; unfortunately, he has learned that he suffers from a potentially deadly heart condition. To make matters worse, he's on the outs with his wife Liza (Lizabeth Scott), who has become disillusioned with the status of "team wife."

A brief dalliance with team secretary Anne (Lucille Ball) results in Anne's selfless efforts to help Wilson put his marriage and his life back together.

Special Notes: Though he was ignored by contemporary reviewers, future talk-show host Jack Paar has an amusing supporting role. Most of the football players seen in Easy Living were drawn from the ranks of the real-life L.A. Rams.

Movie #71
Film Date: 1949

Release Date: October 8, 1949
Film Type: drama
Film Color: black/white
Studio: RKO-Radio
Film Length: 77 minutes

Jacques Tourneur (Director)
Robert Sparks (Producer)

Character Role:
Lucille Ball (Anne)

Supporting Cast:
Victor Mature (Pete Wilson)
Lizabeth Scott (Liza Wilson)
Sonny Tufts (Tim McCarr)
Lloyd Nolan (Lenahan)
Paul Stewart (Argus)
Jack Paar (Scoop Spooner)
Jeff Donnell (Penny McCarr)
Art Baker (Howard Vollmer)
Gordon Jones (Bill Holloran)
Don Beddoe (Jaegar)
William "Bill" Phillips (Ozzie)
Charles Lang (Whitey)
Kenny Washington (Benny)
Julia Dean (Mrs. Belle Ryan)
Everett Glass (Virgil Ryan)
Robert Ellis (Urchin)
Alex Sharp (Dan)
Russell Thorson (Hunk Edwards)
Audrey Young (Singer)
Los Angeles Rams (themselves)
Alan Dinehart III (Urchins)
Richard Erdman (Buddy Morgan)
William Erwin
Audrey Wilder (Singer)
Don Beddoe (Jaeger)
Jim Backus (Dr. Franklin)
W.J. O'Brien
Albin Robeling (Chef)
Dick Ryan (Bartender)
Jackie Jackson
Erin Selwyn (Nurse)
Robert Graham
Michael St. Angel (Gilbert Vollmer)
Carl Saxe (Man)