Mame (1974)

(featuring Lucille Ball as Mame Dennis)

Lucille Ball Movies

Lucille Ball stars in this film version of the hit Jerry Herman Broadway musical, which featured an electrifying performance by Angela Lansbury.

As Patrick Dennis's plucky and resilient Auntie Mame, she rehashes the plot from Dennis's novel and the previous non-musical Rosalind Russell film. During the Depression era 1930s, she enrolls her nephew into a liberal private school, tries a turn in show business (with the help of her friend Vera (Beatrice Arthur), and marries a well-to-do Southern planter (Robert Preston).

After her husband's death, Mame concerns herself with her now grown-up nephew, his girlfriend, and the girlfriend's intolerant parents.

Special Notes: Even though she'd created the character on stage and had won a Tony award for her performance in the Broadway production in 1966, Angela Lansbury was passed over for the role of Mame.

Movie #83
Film Date: 1974

Release Date: March 27, 1974
Film Type: musical
Film Color: Technicolor
Studio: Warner Brothers
Film Length: 132 minutes

Gene Saks (Director)
James Cresson (Producer)
Robert Fryer (Producer)

Character Role:
Lucille Ball (Mame Dennis)

Supporting Cast:
Robert Preston (Beauregard)
Beatrice Arthur (Vera Charles)
Kirby Furlong (Young Patrick)
Bruce Davison (Older Patrick)
Joyce Van Patten (Sally Cato)
Don Porter (Mr. Upson)
George Chiang (Ito)
Alice Nunn (Fat Lady)
Burt Mustin (Uncle Jeff)
John McGiver (Mr. Babcock)
Ned Wertimer (Fred Kates)
Roger Price (Ralph Divine)
Leonard Stone (Stage Manager)
John Wheeler (Judge Bregoff)
James Brodhead (Floorwalker)
Audrey Christie (Mrs. Upson)
Barbara Bosson (Emily)
Lucille Benson (Mother Burnside)
Ruth McDevitt (Cousin Fan)
Bobbi Jordan (Pegeen)
Patrick Laborteaux (Peter)
Jane Connell (Agnes Gooch)
Eric Gordon (Boyd)
Doria Cook (Gloria Upson)