The Fuller Brush Girl


The Fuller Brush Girl (1950)

(featuring Lucille Ball as Sally Elliot)

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Unable to hold a job because of her tendency to get into trouble, Sally Elliot (Lucille Ball) hires on at the Fuller Brush company as a door-to-door cosmetics salesman.

After several misadventures involving obnoxious children and snooty matrons, Sally finds herself in the middle of a murder scheme. With reluctant boyfriend Humphrey (Eddie Albert) in tow, Sally gets mixed up in one hilariously life-threatening situation after another, culminating in a prolonged chase sequence on board a tramp steamer.

Special Notes: The Fuller Brush Girl, starring Lucille Ball is a fascinating dry run for her wacky "Lucy Ricardo" TV character. This picture also inspired the My Favorite Husband Episode #98, "Fuller Brush Show". Highlights include Lucille Ball's outrageous striptease scene (to the tune of Rita Hayworth's "Put the Blame on Mame") and a choice cameo by Red Skelton as an all-too-cooperative customer.

Movie #75
Film Date: 1950

Release Date: September 15, 1950
Film Type: comedy
Film Color: black/white
Studio: Columbia
Film Length: 85 minutes

Lloyd Bacon (Director)

Character Role:
Lucille Ball (Sally Elliot)

Supporting Cast:
Eddie Albert (Humphrey Briggs)
Carl Benton Reid (Christy)
Gale Robbins (Ruby Rawlings)
Jeff Donnell (Jane Bixby)
Jerome Cowan (Harvey Simpson)
John Litel (Mr. Martin)
Fred Graham (Rocky Mitchell)
Lee Patrick (Claire Simpson)
Arthur Space (Inspector Rodgers)
Sid Tomack (Banks, the theatre manager)
Billy Vincent (Punchy)
Lorin Raker (Deval)
Lelah Tyler (Mrs. North)
Sarah Edwards (Mrs. East)
Louis Austin (Mrs. West)
Isabel Randolph (Mrs. South
Isabel Withers (Mrs. Finley)
Gregory Marshall (Alvin/Albert)
Red Skelton (himself)
Paul Bryar (Couple)
Paul E. Burns (Stage Doorman)
Sid Saylor (Wardrobe Man)
Joel Robinson
Cliff Clark (Ship's Captain)
Frank Wilcox (Roberts)
Jean Willes (Mary)
Gail Bonney (Baby Sitter)
Jay Barney (Fingerprint Man)
Shirley Whitney (Dancer)
Val Avery (Burlesque Patron)
Myron Healey (Employee)
Chuck Hamilton
Jack Little
George Lloyd (Sea Captain on Dock)
James L. Kelly (Comic)
Robert Hyatt (Henry)
Joseph Crehan (Captain of Police Boat)
Barbara Pepper (Woman Watching TV)
John Doucette)
Cy Malis)
Bud Osborne (Old Sailor)
Sumner Getchell (Magazine Salesman)
Joe Palma (Cop)