Episode #1:

One Good Grandparent Deserves Another

Season #1: (1986)
Airdate: September 20, 1986

Notes: Lucy moves in with her kids just as Curtis arrives from Hawaii. He is upset at what Lucy did to the store while he was gone. Lucy makes a mess when an industrial size fire extinguisher malfunctions. Curtis moves in with the family.

Episode #2:

Lucy Makes a Hit with John Ritter

Season #1: (1986)
Airdate: September 27, 1986

Notes: John Ritter stops by the hardware store and, after a series of painful mishaps, ends up staying at the family's home. Lucy accompanies him to a play he is appearing in.

Episode #3:

Love Among the Two-By-Fours

Season #1: (1986)
Airdate: October 04, 1986

Notes: A building contractor, Ben Matthews, comes to the M&B Hardware store to talk about a contract for the store to supply plumbing fixtures.

Episode #4:

Lucy Gets Her Wires Crossed

Season #1: (1986)
Airdate: October 18, 1986

Notes: A hardware superstore opens near M&B Hardware, causing business to drop off. When Fred Dunlap, a talkshow host comes into the store looking for a Washer Hose, Lucy comes up with an idea to feature Curtis on his show.

Episode #5:

Lucy is a Sax Symbol

Season #1: (1986)
Airdate: October 25, 1986

Notes: Lucy discovers her old saxophone in a trunk in the basement, while getting things for a yard sale.

Episode #6:

Lucy Makes Curtis Byte the Dust

Season #1: (1986)
Airdate: November 1, 1986

Notes: Lucy and Curtis are taking inventory at M&B Hardware, which proves to be a burden. Lucy decides to lease a computer to speed up the tedious inventory process.

Episode #7:

Lucy, Legal Eagle

Season #1: (1986)
Airdate: November 8, 1986

Notes: Lucy accidently sales her grandson Kevin's teddy bear during the family yard sale. The woman who bought it holds the bear for ransom and Lucy takes the greedy person to small claims court, representing herself.

Episode #8:

Mother of the Bride

Season #1: (1986)
Airdate: November 15, 1986

Notes: Ted and Margo's tenth anniversary is coming up and Lucy suggests they renew vows at a wedding she had planned. But Lucy's sister Audrey arrives and tries to take charge.

UnAired Episode:

Lucy and the Guard Goose

Season #1: (1986)
Filmed: September 29, 1986 (Never Aired)

Notes: M&B Hardware is burglarized, but instead of a Guard Dog to protect the store, Lucy gets a Guard Goose.

UnAired Episode:

Lucy and Curtis Are Up a Tree

Season #1: (1986)
Filmed: October 2, 1986 (Never Aired)

Notes: Lucy and Curtis get trapped in a tree house after they overhear Margo and Ted discussing how Lucy and Curtis are spoiling the kids, and they decide to move out of the house.

UnAired Episode:

Lucy's Green Thumb

Season #1: (1986)
Filmed: October 21, 1986 (Never Aired)

Notes: Lucy makes a distasteful health drink that the family dumps into a houseplant which then grows huge. Curtis wants to market the drink and schedules a press conference but Lucy forgets what she put into the drink.

UnAired Episode:

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Season #1: (1986)
Filmed: November 17, 1986 (Never Aired)

Notes: Curtis decides to retire and Lucy decides to buy out his half of M&B Hardware. Lucy has everything on sale and realizes she has spent more on promotions then she is making and decides to find a partner. Curtis bored with retirement interviews for the position.

UnAired Episode:

World's Greatest Grandma

Season #1: (1986)
Filmed: November 16, 1986 (Never Aired)

Notes: Kevin wins a trophy in Soccer and the family all displays the trophies they've each won, except for Lucy. Feeling sorry for her, Becky enters Lucy in a talent contest for grandmothers at her school.

UnFilmed Episode:

Twas the Flight Before Christmas

Season #1: (1986)
Filmed: (Never Filmed or Aired)

Notes: As Curtis is struggling to put together an artifical Christmas Tree, the Family decides they prefer an old-fashioned Christmas. Everyone agrees to spend a weekend in a ski cabin in Colorado as this would be a great way to spend the Holidays and a chance for a White Christmas. They soon become stranded due to the weather and return home to find Santa had put up a real Christmas Tree.

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Life With Lucy
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Season 1 (1986)
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09/20/1986 - 11/15/1986