Twas the Flight Before Christmas


Twas the Flight Before Christmas

(Script Only - Never Filmed)

Life With Lucy

As Curtis is struggling to put together an artifical Christmas Tree, the Family decides they prefer an old-fashioned Christmas. Lucy opens a Christmas Card from her old friend Ben Matthews. He offers the use of his ski cabin in Badger Pass, Colorado for the Holidays since he'll be out of town.

Everyone agrees this would be a great way to spend the Holidays and a chance for a White Christmas. They all board a flight and land in Denver for their short trip to Badger Pass, but soon become stranded there due to inclement weather. They are left without food, except for Lucy's version of Gingerbread men cookies, Zucchini Boys, made in the shape of each member of the family!

They all soon find themselves spending Christmas Eve at the airport instead of at the cabin. To make matters worse, the baggage containing the kids presents were stolen. When Christmas morning arrives, without presents from Santa, they try to explain everything to Keven. But he insists Santa left his presents back at their home. The Family soon realizes that Christmas is much more then presents as long as you have your family.

The flight to Badger Pass has been closed for the next several days, just as they announce a return flight to Los Angeles. The family all rushes to return back home for Christmas. As they enter their house, everyone is surprised, except for Kevin, to find a Real Christmas Tree with presents underneath.

Leonard is no where around as he supposedly left in a separate cab before they got home. Lucy believes Leonard beat them home and set everything up. Just then, an authentic looking Santa Claus enters from the kitchen. Lucy believes it is Leonard. Santa bids them all well and heads out the door and a few minutes later, Leonard arrives.

In their amazement that it wasn't Leonard dressed as Santa, they all then hear the sounds of a sleigh and a voice in the distance wishing them all a Merry Christmas.

Special Notes: This episode has only been identified by script and was never filmed due to the cancellation of the show.

UnAired Episode
Season #1 (1986)

Bruce Bilson (Director),
Vic Rauseo (co-Producer)
Linda Morris (Writer)
Vic Rauseo (Writer)