Lucy Gets Her Wires Crossed


Lucy Gets Her Wires Crossed

(featuring Dick Gautier)

Life With Lucy

A hardware superstore opens near M&B Hardware, causing business to drop off. When Fred Dunlap (played by Dick Gautier), a talkshow host for "Wakeup Pasadena" comes into the store looking for a Washer Hose, Lucy comes up with an idea to feature Curtis on his show as "Mr. Fixit".

Lucy now tries to talk Curtis into letting her co-star with him on the TV Show. She tries to repair Curtis' lounger which goes haywire but talks Curtis into letting her be his assistant. Becky and Kevin want Lucy to say Hi to them when she is on the show, so Lucy devises a secret way to say Hello, the way Carol Burnett said Hello to her Grandmother, and will tug her ear with her hand.

On the show, while trying to repair a broken lamp, Lucy glues her hand to her ear with "Wacky Glue". Soon Curtis is stuck to Lucy and then the talkshow host and his assistant are stuck to both Lucy and Curtis.

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Special Notes: The most famous scene from this series has Lucy lying on an electric lounge chair that goes berserk. While Lucille has little to do but ride the bucking chair, newspaper columnists chide Lucille and the producers for allowing an older woman to do such a dangerous stunt. While Lucille does get jostled, she is hardly in danger. However, many people feel that Lucille is too old to be doing the same kind of physical comedy she used to do decades earlier.

Episode #4
Season #1 (1986)

Aired: October 18, 1986

Peter Baldwin (Director),
Gary Morton (Executive Producer),
Douglas S. Cramer (Executive Producer),
Aaron Spelling (Executive Producer),
Linda Morris (Writer),
Vic Rauseo (Writer)

Guest Star:
Dick Gautier (Fred Dunlap)

Supporting Cast:
Reva Rose (Female Customer),
Kellie Martin (Patty),
Brad Gorman (Stage Hand),
D.D. Howard (Stecey Reynolds)
Tom Williams (Fly V.O.)