Lucy and the Guard Goose


Lucy and the Guard Goose

(featuring Lucille Ball and Gale Gordon)

Life With Lucy

M&B Hardware is burglarized, but instead of a Guard Dog to protect the store, Lucy gets a Guard Goose from Charlie Zellman to protect the store. However, the goose is on the other foot when Curtis gets stuck in his store and is threatened by Oliver, the Guard Goose.

Lucy goes down to the store and they both get trapped by the fowl. In order to get out, Curtis throws a phone at the Goose, knocking him out, but they think they've killed Oliver.

They take the Goose home to nurse him back to health but when Oliver comes to, his honking keeps everyone awake. A cop shows up on a noise disturbance report and Lucy, imatating a Goose, leads Oliver out of the house.

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Special Notes: This episode would have aired November 22, 1986. The exterior of Lucy's Hardware Store featured in the show was actually a vacant storefront located directly across the street from what is now the Warner Hollywood Studios, a couple of blocks west of the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and LaBrea Avenue in Hollywood.

UnAired Episode
Season #1 (1986)

Filmed: September 29, 1986

Peter Baldwin (Director),
Gary Morton (Executive Producer),
Douglas S. Cramer (Executive Producer),
Aaron Spelling (Executive Producer),
Bob Carroll Jr., (Writer),
Madelyn Davis (Writer)

Supporting Cast:
Lou Cutell (Charlie Zellman),
Charles Levin (Sergeant Green),
Conrad Hurtt (Hardware store customer)