Breaking Up Is Hard To Do


Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

(featuring Lucille Ball and Gale Gordon)

Life With Lucy

As Lucy and Leonard are busy at the store, they miss the message to pick Curtis up at the airport. Curtis shows up at the store from his business trip and decides that he and Lucy have had one too many disagreements. Curtis decides to retire and Lucy decides to buy out his half of M&B Hardware.

In his retirement, Curtis is driving Margo and Ted crazy, building birdhouses, so they decide to break something to get him out of the house. Down at the store, Lucy has everything on sale. Curtis goes down to the store to buy rabbit ears for a TV and finds Lucy as a one-man band parading around the store, which looks like a Circus.

Lucy soon finds she has spent more on her promotions then she brought in and is afraid the store may go bankrupt. Curtis is bored with retirement. Lucy tells Ted and Margo that the store is in trouble and she has to place an ad for a partner to invest in the store to bring in some needed money. 

As Lucy is interviewing partners, Curtis comes in for an interview. They patch things up and Lucy hires him back.

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Special Notes: This would have aired December 13, 1986.

UnAired Episode
Season #1 (1986)

Filmed: November 17, 1986

Peter Baldwin (Director),
Gary Morton (Executive Producer),
Douglas S. Cramer (Executive Producer),
Aaron Spelling (Executive Producer),
Richard Albrecht (Writer)
Casey Keller (Writer)
Laura Levine (Writer)

Supporting Cast:
Brad Gorman (The Clerk),
Dick Winslow (Male Customer),
Eddie Barth (Mr. Mulgrew)