World's Greatest Grandma


World's Greatest Grandma

(featuring Lucille Ball and Gale Gordon)

Life With Lucy

Kevin wins a trophy in Soccer and the family all displays the trophies they've each won, except for Lucy. Feeling sorry for her, Becky enters Lucy in a talent contest for grandmothers at her school.

Hoping she would win her own trophy, the family rules out singing, dancing and standup comedy. Lucy decides she will try and perform magic acts. During a trial run with the family, Lucy ends up breaking Curtis' watch and decides she has no talent and cannot be in the contest.

Becky is upset, but Curtis comes up with the idea that Lucy can speak, rather then sing, a song. Lucy performs a rendition of "Sunrise, Sunset". Although, she does not win the contest, Becky and Kevin bring home a trophy for her for "Worlds Greatest Grandma".

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Special Notes: This would have aired December 20, 1986. This is the final filmed installment of Life with Lucy. On the day of the filming of this episode, Aaron Spelling received the decree that the show is canceled. Rather than tell Lucy himself, he has an assistant telephone Gary Morton with the news, which is withheld from Lucy until after the filming.

Although the premiere had a respectable twentieth top show in the ratings, the other episodes steadily decreased in viewership. This series has turned into one of the biggest disasters in sitcom history, and Lucille Ball was devastated. She was convinced that the public no longer wanted her. She had never failed before.

UnAired Episode
Season #1 (1986)

Filmed: November 17, 1986

Bruce Bilson (Director),
Gary Morton (Executive Producer),
Douglas S. Cramer (Executive Producer),
Aaron Spelling (Executive Producer),
Linda Morris (co-Producer)
Vic Rauseo (co-Producer)
E. Duke Vincent (Supervising Producer)
Bob Carroll Jr. (Writer)
Madelyn Davis (Writer)

Supporting Cast:
Michael Zorek (Pizza Delivery Man),
Kellie Martin (Patty),
Phyllis Applegate (Principal),
The Dixiebelles (All Girl Band)