Happy Anniversary and Goodbye

Happy Anniversary and Goodbye

(featuring Art Carney)

Lucy TV Specials

Lucy and Art Carney, from "The Honeymooners", portray a couple, Malcom and Norma Michaels, who have been married for twenty-five years.

When their daughter finally marries, they realize how unhappy with each other they are and they decide to separate. While trying to find new meaning in their lives separately, they discover the love that still exists between them.

Special Notes: This was Lucy's first special since Here's Lucy ended in it's sixth season. Lucy and Art Carney had previously played husband and wife in 1967s comedy, "A Guide for the Married Man". Arnold Schwarzenegger makes his American television debut as the overly muscled masseur Rico.

The special was the 4th highest rated program for the week and won its time slot with a rating of 27.9 and 42% share of the viewing audience.

Airdate: November 10, 1974
Studio: CBS
Show Length: 60 minutes

Lucille Ball (Executive Producer),
Gary Morton (Producer),
Jack Donohue (Director),
Arnie Rosen (Writer),
Arthur Julian (Writer)

Guest Star(s):
Lucille Ball (Norma Michaels)
Art Carney (Malcolm Michaels)

Supporting Cast:
Arnold Schwarzenegger (Massage Therapist Rico),
Nanette Fabray (Fay)
Peter Marshall (Greg Carter),
Don Porter (Ed "Mad Dog" Murphy),
Patricia Blair (Miss Warren),
Doria Cook-Nelson (Linda Michaels),
Connie Garrison (Choo Choo),
Sid Gould (Waiter),
Florence Lake (Mrs. Foster),
Louisa Moritz (Terry),
Elaine Pepparde (Cindy),
Rhodes Reason (Doug)