Carol + 2 (Carol Plus Two)

Carol + 2 (Carol Plus Two)

(featuring Carol Burnett, Zero Mostel,
and Lucille Ball)

Lucy TV Specials

Sponsored by American Motors, this variety show special features a number of skits performed by Carol Burnett, Zero Mostel and Lucille Ball.

In the first skit, "10th Anniversary", Carol and Zero play a bitter couple in a stale 10 year marriage only to find out their marriage license is invalid, comedy situations insue from there; the next skit, "Goodbye Baby", Carol and Lucy play sisters and Carol is showing off her baby to Lucy who is trying to leave on vacation to Florida; in "What's Wrong with My Brother", Carol laments to Zero, who plays a psychiatrist, about her brother who thinks he's a frog; in the final skit Carol and Lucy play cleaning ladies in a New York City Theatrical Agency.

Special Notes: This Carol Burnett special was only one of two produced just months before her long-running variety series, The Carol Burnett Show (1967-1978).

In the sketch where Carol and Lucille play cleaning women, you will notice a picture of Vivian Vance hanging on the wall of the movie studio office.

Airdate: January 15, 1967
Studio: CBS
Show Length: 60 minutes

Tenth Anniversary,
Goodbye Baby,
You're My Reason,

Marx Breaux (Director),
Bob Banner (Executive Producer),
Nat Hiken (Producer, Writer),
Robert Wright (Associate Producer)

Guest Star(s):
Carol Burnett
Lucille Ball
Zero Mostel

Supporting Cast:
John Harlan (Announcer)