The Dark Corner


The Dark Corner (1946)

(featuring Lucille Ball as Kathleen Stewart)

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Mark Stevens as Brad Galt, an embittered ex-convict who returns to the private detective business upon his release. Sour and surly, Galt behaves himself only when he's around his faithful and adoring secretary Kathleen (Lucille Ball).

When Galt's crooked former partner Tony Jardine (Kurt Krueger) inaugurates an affair with socialite Mari Cathcard (Cathy Down), Cathcard's waspish art-collector husband (Clifton Webb) arranges Jardine's murder, carefully pinning the blame on Galt.

On the lam from the cops, Galt must rely on Kathleen to help gather enough evidence to prove his innocence.

Special Notes: This film was based on the serial story "The Dark Corner" by Leo Rosten, which was published in Good Housekeeping (Jul-Aug 1945). Fox paid $40,000 for the rights to Leo Rosten's story prior to its publication in Good Housekeeping. Rosten published the story under the pseudonym Leonard Q. Ross, a name that he reserved for his fictional and humorous writings.

Movie #67
Film Date: 1946

Release Date: May 8, 1946
Film Type: film-noir
Film Color: black/white
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Film Length: 99 minutes

Henry Hathaway (Director)
Fred Kohlmar (Producer)

Character Role:
Lucille Ball (Kathleen Stewart)

Supporting Cast:
Clifton Webb (Hardy Cathcart)
Constance Collier (Mrs. Kingsley)
Mark Stevens (Bradford Galt)
William Bendix (White Suit)
Ellen Corby (Maid)
Cathy Downs (Mari Cathcart)
Eddie Heywood & Orch. (Themselves)
Mary Field (Cashier)
John W. Goldsworthy (Butler)
Vincent Graeff (Newsboy)
Reed Hadley (Lt. Frank Reeves)
Eloise Hardt (Saleswoman)
Kurt Kreuger (Tony Jardine)
Molly Lamont (Lucy Wilding)
Hope Landin (Scrubwoman)
Thomas Martin (Major Domo)
Matt McHugh (Milk Man)
Forbes Murray (Mr. Bryson)
Steve Olsen (Barker)
Frieda Stoll (Frau Keller)
Gisela Werbiseck (Mrs. Schwartz)
Charles Wagenheim (Foss)
Regina Wallace (Mrs. Bryson)
John Russell (Policeman)
Minerva Urecal (Mother)
Pietro Sosso (Man)
Charles Tannen (Cabbie)
Lynn Whitney (Stenographer)
Ralph Dunn (Policeman)
John Elliott (Man)
Alice Fleming (Woman)
Peter Cusanelli (Man)
Charles Cane (Policeman)
Isabel Randolph (Woman)
Tom Monroe (Policeman)
Lee Phelps (Policeman)
John Kelly (Policeman)
Donald MacBride (Policeman)
Thomas Lockyer (Elderly Man)