Lover Come Back


Lover Come Back (1946)

(featuring Lucille Ball as Kay Williams)

Lucille Ball Movies

Lucille Ball stars as Kay Williams, the wife of a war correspondent, anxiously awaiting her husband's return. Kay is convinced that her husband (George Brent) is looking forward to feminine companionship after four long years at the front.

Imagine her surprise when it looks as though her husband wasn't quite as lonely as she'd thought, thanks to sexy combat photographer Vera Zorina. Kay files for divorce, but the outcome is tipped off by the title of the movie.

Special Notes: Lucille Ball has one delightful comic scene involving an attempt to smoke a cigar. The working title for this film was Lessons in Love. According to contemporary sources, when broadcast on television in 1953, the film was retitled Lucy Goes Wild to take advanatage of Lucille Ball's enormously successful television series, I Love Lucy. Modern sources indicate the film was retitled again as When Lovers Meet.

Movie #66
Film Date: 1946

Release Date: June 21, 1946
Film Type: comedy
Film Color: black/white
Studio: Fessier-Pagano Production/Universal
Film Length: 90 minutes

William Seiter (Director)
Michael Fessier (Producer)
Ernest Pagano (Producer)

Character Role:
Lucille Ball (Kay Williams)

Supporting Cast:
George Brent (Bill Williams)
Vera Zorina (Madeline Laslo)
Charles Winninger (Pa Williams)
Carl Esmond (Paul Millard)
Raymond Walburn (J.P. Winthrop)
Wallace Ford (Tubba)
Franklin Pangborn (Hotel Clerk)
Louise Beavers (Martha)
William Wright (Jimmy Hennessey)
George Chandler (Walter)
Frank Scannell
Joan Fulton (Janie)
Jerome Root (Bellhop)
Elizabeth Risdon (Ma Williams)
Dorothy Christy (Receptionist)
Katherine York (Redhead)
Audrey Young
Jack Shutta
Eddy Waller (Mr. Russel)
Lane Chandler
George Davis (Maitre d')
Ellen Corby (Rita)
Harold Goodwin
Lottie Harrison (Mother)
Gwen Donovan (Showgirl)
Dorothy Ford (Brunette)
William B. Davidson
Anne O'Neal (Mrs. Tubbs)
Mary Moore
Shirley O'Hara
Lloyd Ingraham (Partner)
Edward Martindel (Slocum)
Perc Launders (Reporter)