Two Smart People


Two Smart People (1946)

(featuring Lucille Ball as Ricki Woodner)

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One of two con-artists ends up arrested and given five days of freedom before he must go to jail. This comedy chronicles those five days.

The man loves to eat; knowing that prison food is lousy, he decides to spend his days stuffing himself with the finest foods available. He is accompanied to numerous 4-star restaurants by his partner and the arresting officer.

Each of these two are interested in learning where he stashed a half-million dollars in loot. Eventually the man begins looking at his lovely partner and thinking of things other than his stomach. This leads to marriage. After serving his time, he and his bride go on to lead honest lives.

Special Notes: A working title for this film was Time for Two. Lucille Ball's cousin, Cleo Morgan (who was adopted by Lucy's mother), appeared in this film as well as another in 1946 with Desi Arnaz titled, Cuban Pete. She went on to become Producer of Lucy's show, Here's Lucy as well as a number of other productions.

Movie #65
Film Date: 1946

Release Date: June 4, 1946
Film Type: comedy/crime
Film Color: black/white
Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
Film Length: 93 minutes

Jules Dassin (Director)
Ralph Wheelwright (Producer)

Character Role:
Lucille Ball (Ricki Woodner)

Supporting Cast:
John Hodiak (Ace Connors)
Lloyd Nolan (Bob Simms)
Hugo Haas (Senor Rodriguez)
Lenore Ulric (Senora Maria Ynez)
Elisha Cook, Jr. (Fly Felleti)
Lloyd Corrigan (Dwight Chandwick)
Vladimir Sokoloff (Jacques Dufour)
David Cota (Jose)
Clarence Muse (Porter)
Tom Quinn (Sheik)
John Piffle (Jolly Fat Man)
Fred Nurney (Victoire)
Leo Mostovoy (Headwaiter in French Restaurant)
Lynn Whitney (Swedish Girl)
Connie Weiler (Hat Check Girl)
Marek Windheim (Captain)
Emil Rameau (Riverboat Waiter)
William Tannen (Clerk)
Peter Virgo (Indian Attendant)
Fred "Snowflake" Toones (Redcap)
Cleo Morgan (Cleopatra)
Shelley Winters (Princess)
Harold DeGarro (Stilt Walker)
Gabriel Canzona (Monkey Man)
Harry Depp (Spectator)
Helen Dickson (Woman)
Gloria Anderson (Grecian Girl)
George Calliga (Stewart)
Jean Andren (Policewoman)
George Magrill (Taxi Driver)
Paul Kruger (Cop)
Erwin Kalser (Franz)
James Magill (Reveler)
Phil Dunham (Drunk)
Mary Emery
Frank Johnson (Fat Man)
Bess Flowers
Bobby Johnson (Waiter)