Du Barry Was a Lady


Du Barry Was a Lady (1943)

(featuring Lucille Ball as Madame Du Barry)

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Red Skelton takes over the role played on Broadway by Bert Lahr, while Lucille Ball steps into the shoes of the original play's Ethel Merman.

The story proposes that Red is a men's room attendant in a New York nightclub who has a yen for gorgeous showgirl Lucille Ball. After drinking a potent mixture, Red dreams that he is King Louis XV of France, and Lucy is the magnificent Madame DuBarry. Also showing up in Red's dream is Gene Kelly, who in "real life" is the guy who ends up with Lucy at fade out time.

Special Notes: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) originally purchased the rights to Du Barry was a Lady as a vehicle for Ann Sothern. When Sothern turned down the revised role, MGM decided to cast Lucille Ball. Sothern reportedly turned down the role because she was pregnant with her daughter, Tisha Sterling.

Movie #57
Film Date: 1943

Release Date: August 13, 1943
Film Type: comedy
Film Color: Technicolor
Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
Film Length: 101 minutes

Roy Del Ruth (Director)
Arthur Freed (Producer)

Character Role:
Lucille Ball (May Daly/Madame Du Barry)

Supporting Cast:
Richard "Red" Skelton (Louis Blore/King Louis)
Gene Kelly (Alec Howe/Black Arrow)
Virginia O'Brien (Ginny)
Zero Mostel (Rami the Swami/Cagliostro)
Rags Ragland (Charlie/Dauphin)
Donald Meek (Mr. Jones)
Douglas Dumbrille (Willie/Duc de Rigor)
George Givot (Cheezy/De Roquefort)
Louise Beavers (Niagara)
Eve Whitney (Showgirl)
Kay Williams
Mitchell Lewis (Renel)
Marilyn Maxwell
Dick Haymes (Dorsey Singer)
Charles Judels (Innkeeper)
Dell Henderson
Jo Stafford (Singer)
Emory Parnell (Gatekeeper)
Lana Turner (Guest Star)
Andrew Tombes (Escort)
Pierre Watkin (Rich Patron)
Donald Meek (Duc De Choiseul)
Paul Newlan (Man)
Art Miles
Michael Visaroff
Don Wilson (Announcer's Voice)
Hazel Brooks (Girl)
Clara Blandick (Old Lady)
Marie Blake (Woman)
Georgia Carroll
Chester Clute (Doctor)
Charles Coleman (Doorman)
Ernie Alexander (Delivery Man)
Kay Aldridge
Hugh Beaumont (Footman)
Richard Alexander (Man)
Sig Arno (Nick)
Harry Hayden (Couple)
Christian J. Frank (Lackey)
William Forrest (Guard Captain)
Natalie Draper
Ava Gardner (Girl)
Ava Gardner (Bit)
Edward Cooper
Maurice Costello (Passerby)
Inez Cooper
Tommy Dorsey (Himself)
William Costello
Cecil Cunningham (Couple)