Best Foot Forward


Best Foot Forward (1943)

(featuring Lucille Ball as herself)

Lucille Ball Movies

Set at a small town military prep school, the story gets under way when movie star Lucille Ball (played by Lucille Ball) pays a visit to the campus for publicity purposes.

Several of the students, led by Bud (Tommy Dix), offer to make Lucille the queen of the upcoming prom. But the plot dictates that Bud and his pals are forced to back off from their offer, and to hide Lucille's presence from the faculty.

Special Notes: The actors did their own singing, except for Lucille Ball, whose singing was dubbed by Gloria Grafton, Virginia Weidler, whose singing was dubbed by Louanne Hogan, and Jack Jordan, whose singing was dubbed by Ralph Blane.

Movie #58
Film Date: 1943

Release Date: October 8, 1943
Film Type: musical
Film Color: Technicolor
Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
Film Length: 94 minutes

Edward N. Buzzell (Director)
Arthur Freed (Producer)

Character Role:
Lucille Ball (herself)

Supporting Cast:
William Gaxton (Jack O'Riley)
Tommy Dix (Elwood/ Bud Hooper)
Virginia Weidler (Helen Schlessenger)
Nancy Walker (Nancy)
June Allyson (Ethel)
Gloria de Haven (Minerva Pierce)
Chill Wills (Chester Shoat)
Kenny Bowers (Dutch)
Jack Jordan (Hunk)
Beverly Tyler (Miss Delaware Water Gap)
Henry O'Neill (Maj. Reeber)
Sara Haden (Miss Talbert)
Donald MacBride (Capt. Bradd)
Bobby Stebbins (Greenie)
Darwood Kaye (Killer)
Morris Ankrum (Col. Harkrider)
Nana Bryant (Mrs. Dalyrimple)
Robert E. O'Connor (Railroad Conductor)
Harry James (Himself)