Seven Days' Leave


Seven Days' Leave (1942)

(featuring Lucille Ball as Terry)

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Victor Mature plays Johnny Grey, an eternally smiling GI who suddenly falls heir to $100,000. There's just one catch: Johnny must marry heiress Terry (Lucille Ball), whom he's never met, within a seven-day period.

Army private Johnny Grey and his company get a week's leave before shipping out. Learning from a radio program that he is heir to $100,000 from his great grandfather, Johnny and three of his fellow soldiers travel to New York to retrieve the inheritance. There they discover a provision that Johnny must marry into the Havelock-Allen family to inherit the money. Johnny, who is already engaged, hesitates, until he meets the beautiful Terry

Special Notes: Victor Mature and Lucille Ball top the star-studded cast of RKO Radio's Seven Days Leave. The film segues into an unending parade of supporting comedians and specialty performers, including Harold Peary (in his traditional "Great Gildersleeve" radio persona), Ralph Edwards (shown hosting his popular airwaves quizzer Truth or Consequences), announcer Charles Victor (likewise emceeing his Court of Missing Heirs radio program), singers Ginny Simms and Marcy McGuire, south-of-the-border entertainer Mapy Cortes, and bandleaders Freddy Martin and Les Brown. Also on tap are a brace of future TV favorites, Peter Lynd Hayes and Arnold Stang.

Movie #56
Film Date: 1942

Release Date: November 13, 1942
Film Type: drama/romance
Film Color: black/white
Studio: RKO-Radio
Film Length: 87 minutes

Tim Whelan (Director/Producer)

Character Role:
Lucille Ball (Terry Havalok-Allen)

Supporting Cast:
Victor Mature (Johnny Grey)
Harold Peary (The Great Gildersleeve)
Mapy Cortes (Mapy)
Ginny Simms (Ginny)
Marcy McGuire (Mickey)
Peter Lind Hayes (Jackson)
Walter Reed (Ralph Bell)
Wallace Ford (Sgt. Mead)
Arnold Stang (Bitsy)
Buddy Clark (Clarky)
Charles Victor (Charles)
King Kennedy (Gifford)
Charles Andre (Andre)
Harry Holman (Justice of Peace)
Addison Richards (Capt. Collins)
Max Wagner (Military Police)
Ronnie Rondell (Miller the Chauffeur)
Sergio Orta (Himself)
Ed Thomas (Waiter)
Allen Wood (Groom)
Ralph Dunn (Cop)
Ralph G. Edwards)
Charles Flynn (Guard)
Henri DeSoto (Maitre d'Hotel)
Les Brown & his Orchestra
Frank Martinelli
Freddy Martin and his Orchestra
Richard Martin
Willie Fung (Houseboy)
Jack Gardner (Announcer)
Russell Hoyt (The Financial Trio)
Charles Hall