Go Chase Yourself


Go Chase Yourself (1938)

(featuring Lucille Ball as Carol Meeley)

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A milque-toast bank clerk finds himself stuck a speeding trailer towed by gangsters after a bank robbery goes awry. Unfortunately for him, the police and even his own domineering wife, believe that he is the robber and so head off in hot pursuit precipitated a fast-paced merry chase.

Special Notes: Joe Penner received star billing for the first time in Go Chase Yourself, and Lucille Ball enjoyed her first leading role in the film. According to modern sources, Penner pushed RKO to cast Lucille Ball after he heard her on The Phil Baker Show, a popular radio program on which she had just become a regular featured performer.

Movie #38
Film Date: 1938

Release Date: April 22, 1938
Film Type: comedy
Film Color: black/white
Studio: RKO-Radio
Film Length: 70 minutes

Edward F. Cline (Director)
Robert Sisk (Producer)

Character Role:
Lucille Ball (Carol Meeley)

Supporting Cast:
Joe Penner (Wilbur Meeley)
Jack Carson (Warren Miles)
June Travis (Judith Daniels)
Richard Lane (Nails)
Fritz Feld (Count Pierre de Louis-Louis)
Tom Kennedy (Ice-Box)
Granville Bates (Halliday)
Bradley Page (Frank)
George Irving (Daniels)
Arthur Stone (Warden)
Frank M. Thomas (Police Chief)
Bobby Watson (Junior)
George Shelley (Detective)
Ted Oliver (Detective Clark)
Rita Oehmen (Diner)
Clayton Moore
Philip Morris (Cop)
Napoleon Whiting (Porter)
Alan Bruce)
Chester Clute (Excited Man)
William Corson (Reporter)
Lynton Brent (Photographer)
Margaret Armstrong (Mrs. Daniels
Donald Kerr (Gas Station Attendant)
Edward Hearn (Raffle Seller)
John Ince (John Weatherby)
Edith Craig (Mother)
Billy Dooley (Linesman)
Jack N. Green (Officer)
Diana Gibson