Having a Wonderful Time


Having a Wonderful Time (1938)

(featuring Lucille Ball as Miriam)

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A young woman heads for New York's beautiful Catskills for a fun summer of much needed rest and relaxation and instead finds true romance in this lively comedy.

Office worker Teddy (Ginger Rogers) tries to get over a love affair turned sour by vacationing at a summer mountain resort. She pretends to be more cultured and sophisticated than she really is, but her act is challenged by a handsome waiter named Chick (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.).

She also befriends Miriam (Lucille Ball) and Henrietta (Eve Arden), whose screwball personalities prevent Teddy from getting too full of herself. As everyone pursues romance, the resort soon becomes a hotbed of drama.

Special Notes: The film marks the film debut of beloved comedian Red Skelton.

Movie #37
Film Date: 1938

Release Date: July 1, 1938
Film Type: comedy/romance
Film Color: black/white
Studio: RKO-Radio
Film Length: 70 minutes

Alfred Santell (Director)
Pandro S. Berman (Producer)

Character Role:
Lucille Ball (Miriam)

Supporting Cast:
Ginger Rogers (Teddy Shaw)
Peggy Conklin (Fay Coleman)
Lee Bowman (Buzzy Armbuster)
Eve Arden (Henrietta)
Dorothea Kent (Maxine)
Donald Meek (P.U. Rogers)
Jack Carson (Emil Beatty)
Clarence H. Wilson (Mr. G.)
Grady Sutton (Gus)
Shimen Ruskin (Shrimp)
Dorothy Tree (Frances)
Leona Roberts (Mrs. Shaw)
Harlan Briggs (Mr. Shaw)
Inez Courtney (Emma)
Juanita Quigley (Mabel)
Betty Jane Rhodes (Singer)
Peggy Montgomery
Ann Miller (Bit Part)
George Meeker (Subway Masher)
Richard "Red" Skelton (Itchy Faulkner)
Kay Sutton
Hooper Atchley (Subway rider)
Margaret Seddon
Ronnie Rondell (Subway Masher)
Stanley Brown
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. (Chick Kirkland)
Dorothy Day
Frances Gifford
Etienne Girardot
Ben Carter
William Corson
Elise Cavanna (Office Supervisor)
Wesley Barry
Allan Lane (Mac)
Florence Lake
Margaret McWade
Russell Gleason
Vera Gordon
Mary Bovard
Mary Jane Irving
Dean Jagger (Charlie)