The Joy of Living


The Joy of Living (1938)

(featuring Lucille Ball as Salina)

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Irene Dunne plays Maggie, a popular musical-comedy star saddled with a possessive, spendthrift family. Maggie would like to leave the house once in a while and experience "real life," but her parents (Alice Brady, Guy Kibbee), worried that they'll lose their meal ticket, refuse to allow her to do so.

The Prince Charming who rescues Maggie from her folks is ship-owner Dan (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) As a bonus, the footloose and fancy-free Dan teaches the repressed Maggie that "it's fun to be foolish."

Special Notes: The working title of this film was Joy of Loving . According to an Oct 1937 HR news item, John Barrymore was "set" for the lead in the production.

Movie #36
Film Date: 1938

Release Date: May 6, 1938
Film Type: comedy/musical
Film Color: black/white
Studio: RKO-Radio
Film Length: 91 minutes

Tay Garnett (Director)
Felix Young (Producer)

Character Role:
Lucille Ball (Salina)

Supporting Cast:
Irene Dunne (Margaret "Maggie" Garret)
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. (Dan Brewster)
Alice Brady (Minerva)
Guy Kibbee (Dennis)
Jean Dixon (Harrison)
Eric Blore (Potter)
Warren Hymer (Mike)
Billy Gilbert (Cafe Owner)
Frank Milan (Bert Pine)
Dorothy Steiner (Dotsy Pine)
Estelle Steiner (Betsy Pine)
Phyllis Kennedy (Marie)
Franklin Pangborn (Band Leader)
James Burke (Mac)
John Qualen (Oswego)
Spencer Charters (Magistrate)
Charles Williams (Sideshow Barker)
Grady Sutton (Florist)
Bert Roach (German Waiter)
Frank M. Thomas
Harry Woods (Cop/Autograph Hound)
Pat Flaherty (Autograph Hound)
George Chandler (Taxi Driver)
Dennis O'Keefe (Man in Building Lobby)
Frank Moran (Cop with Gravel Voice)
Fuzzy Knight (Sideshow Piano Player)
Charles Lane (Dress Extra)