Episode #1:

Lucy Takes a Cruise to Havana

Season #1: 1957-58)
Airdate: November 6, 1957

Notes: An interview with Lucy and Desi flashback transports us back twenty years to the deck of a cruise ship headed for Havana, Cuba.

Episode #2:

The Celebrity Next Door

Season #1: (1957-58)
Airdate: December 3, 1957

Notes: When a moving van pulls up to the house next door to the Ricardos, Lucy and Ethel promptly take to the binoculars to find out who their new neghbor is, and it turns out to be none other than actress Tallulah Bankhead.

Episode #3:

Lucy Hunts Uranium

Season #1: (1957-58)
Airdate: January 3, 1958

Notes: Lucy has special plans for her Vegas holiday - she intends to prospect for uranium in the nearby hills, even through Ricky strictly forbids it.

Episode #4:

Lucy Wins a Racehorse

Season #1: (1957-58)
Airdate: February 3, 1958

Notes: Little Ricky wants a horse and Lucy thinks it's a good idea even though Ricky forbids it She enters a 'Name the Horse' contest and wins.

Episode #5:

Lucy Goes to Sun Valley

Season #1: (1957-58)
Airdate: April 14, 1958

Notes: After making plans to go to Sun Valley, Idaho, on a second honeymoon, Ricky learns that he is to appear with Fred and Little Ricky on a TV show. He cancels the vacation, but not for long - Lucy and Ethel decide to go to the popular ski resort by themselves.

Episode #6:

Lucy Goes to Mexico

Season #2: (1958-59)
Aired: October 6, 1958

Notes: The Ricardos and the Mertzes are in San Diego while Ricky rehearses with Maurice Chevalier for a show. Lucy and Ethel are eager to go across the Mexican border into Tijuana shopping where they end up getting detained.

Episode #7:

Lucy Makes Room for Danny

Season #2: (1958-59)
Aired: December 1, 1958

Notes: Hoping to give his children two months of healthy country air, Danny Thomas rents the Ricardos' Connecticut home while Lucy and Ricky are to be in Hollywood making a motion picture.

Episode #8:

Lucy Goes to Alaska

Season #2: (1958-59)
Aired: February 9, 1959

Notes: Lucy and the Mertzes accompany Ricky to Nome, Alaska, where his band is scheduled to appear on a Red Skelton TV show celebrating Alaska's admission to the Union.

Episode #9:

Lucy Wants a Career

Season #2: (1958-59)
Aired: April 13, 1959

Notes: Lucy still believes that her life as a housewife is humdrum and boring. Despite Ricky's objections, she hires Ethel to baby-sit for Little Ricky and sets out to find a job.

Episode #10:

Lucy's Summer Vacation

Season #2: (1958-59)
Aired: June 8, 1959

Notes: Lucy and Ricky enthusiastically accept an invitation to spend a week at a vacant Vermont mountain lodge only to discover another couple is also staying at the lodge.

Episode #11:

Milton Berle Hides Out at the Ricardos

Season #3: (1959-60)
Aired: September 25, 1959

Notes: Lucy tries to get Milton Berle to emcee a benefit show for the PTA, she discovers him swamped with other business demands and offers her home so he can finish his manuscript. Ricky thinks another man is in the house and hilarity ensues.

Episode #12:

The Ricardos Go to Japan

Season #3: (1959-60)
Aired: November 27, 1959

Notes: Lucy and the Mertzes accompany Ricky on a band tour to Tokyo, Japan, where they encounter Bob Cummings. Lucy tries to get Ricky to get her a strand of real pearls.

Episode #13:

Lucy Meets the Moustache

Season #3: (1959-60)
Aired: April 1, 1960

Notes: Ricky gets to feeling low because he hasn't had any TV or movie offers lately, Lucy and the Mertzes try to get Ricky a job on Ernie Kovacs show.

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