Lucy Goes to Alaska


Lucy Goes to Alaska

(featuring Red Skelton)

The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

Lucy and the Mertzes accompany Ricky to Nome, Alaska, where his band is scheduled to appear on a Red Skelton TV show celebrating Alaska's admission to the Union - and where Fred and Ricky have bought some land, sight-unseen. 

The boys soon discover that they own a plot of frozen wasteland, and that, because hotel accommodations are scarce, they and their wives willl have to share a single room with but one bed. The hotel clerk helps out by supplying an army cot, a hammock, and a sleeping bag, for which straws are drawn and Lucy winds up in a hammock that seems to have a mind of its own! 

The following day, Red Skelton learns that the actress who was to appear with him in a Freddie the Freeloader sketch ("Dining at the Waldorf") is unable to fly to Alaska, and Lucy naturally offers to substitute. Knowing that movie stars like to invest in real estate, Lucy interests Red in the Alaska property, unaware that Ricky and Fred have no reason to believe it's ripe with oil.

Lucy and Red go out in a jeep to inspect the land and are caught in a blizzard. Their jeep is wrecked in a snowbank, and, in exchange for the land, an Eskimo volunteers to fly the duo back to Nome. Suddenly, however, Lucy and Red find themselves flying the aircraft themselves with Ricky, Fred, and Ethel at the Nome airport trying to guide them safely to land.

Special Notes: Location Scenes for this episode were filmed in Lake Arrowhead, one hundred miles northeast of Los Angeles. Desi Arnaz wanted this episode to be set in Alaska to celebrate the fact that it had recently become the 49th US state.

Bloopers: As the episode's introduction ends and the show starts, you can see the airplane flying in the sky is United Airlines, but when it lands in Nome, Alaska, the plane is Alaskan Airlines.

Episode #8
Season #2 (1958-59)

Aired: February 9, 1959

Poor Everybody Else

Jerry Thorpe (Director),
Bob Schiller (Writer),
Bob Weiskopf (Writer)

Guest Star:
Red Skelton (Himself)

Supporting Cast:
Sid Melton (Bellboy),
William Newell (Desk Clerk),
Hugy Saunders (Clerk),
Iron Eyes Cody (Eskimo #1),
Charlie Stevens (Eskimo #2),
Jess Kirkpatrick (Show Director)