Lucy Goes to Sun Valley


Lucy Goes to Sun Valley

(featuring Fernando Lamas)

The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

After making plans to go to Sun Valley, Idaho, on a second honeymoon, Ricky learns that he is to appear with Fred and Little Ricky on a TV show. He cancels the vacation, but not for long - Lucy and Ethel decide to go to the popular ski resort by themselves. There they meet Argentina born, Fernando Lamas, who happens to be staying at the same lodge.

She hatches a scheme to make Ricky jealous, by having Ethel take a picture of them skiing together and hinting to Ricky that they have been seeing a lot of each other. While Ehtel focuses the camera, Lucy leans forward a little too far, and she and Fernando head down the ski slope, she riding piggyback on his shoulders. Fernando lands in a tree with two broken ribs and Ricky fails to fall for Lucy's jealousy plot.

Fred and Ricky are lonely without their wives, however, and rush up to Sun Valley anyway. Lucy is furious that Ricky didn't believe her stories about Fernando, and rejects her husband's affection. Ricky, Ehtel, and Fred - individually - interrupt Lamas' shower to ask him to "come on" to Lucy at an afternoon skating party, just so Ricky can feign jealousy and convince Lucy that he loves her. Unfortunately, Latin-lover Lamas goes a bit too far, Ricky loses his temper, and both men gain a black eye.

Special Notes: A double was used for the scene depicting Lucy skiing and, unfortunately, broke her leg while filming Lucy's mountain top scene. This episode originally reran on December 24, 1958, and new footage was shot with the Ricardos reminiscing their trip to Sun Valley, and Little Ricky reciting a Christmas poem, thus flashbacking into the episode. However, these new scenes disappear from reruns after 1960.

Bloopers: When Fernando Lamas spins Lucy on her skates the wire holding her up are visible.

Episode #5
Season #1 (1957-58)

Aired: April 14, 1958

Melancholy Baby

Jerry Thorpe (Director),
Bob Carroll Jr. (Writer),
Madelyn Davis (Writer),
Bob Schiller (Writer),
Bob Weiskopf (Writer)

Guest Star:
Fernando Lamas (Himself)

Supporting Cast:
Keith Thibodeaux (Little Ricky)