Lucy Wants a Career


Lucy Wants a Career

(featuring Paul Douglas)

The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

Lucy still believes that her life as a housewife is humdrum and boring. Lucy says, " I cook the meals, wash the dishes, make the beds, dust the house…for two cents I'd go out and get myself a job." Despite Ricky's objections, she hires Ethel to baby-sit for Little Ricky and sets out to find a job.

She answers an ad for a "Girl Friday" position on Paul Douglas' new "Early Bird" TV show, but her wild shenanigans to ward off other applicants infuriate the star. Her "everyday housewife" credentials impress the sponsor so she is signed to a long-term deal - which seems to be everything she's ever wanted. Or is it? Lucy soon discovers that her early-morning work schedule is in constant conflict with her husband's late-night nightclub work, and the twosome only gets to see each other at Grand Central Station as one is coming home and the other going off to work.  

When Paul Douglas learns of Lucy's problem, he promises her a release from her contract, and the Ricardos go out on the town to celebrate. That night Lucy takes a sleeping pill, to make sure she doesn't wake up at the usual 4 a.m., and is blissfully asleep when Douglas arrives at the house, panic-stricken because he hasn't been able to arrange for Lucy's release. If she's not at the studio in two hours, the sponsors plan to sue.

Ricky and Douglas frantically get her to the set on time, but when she falls asleep in a bowl of "Wakey Flakies," the sponsors fire her fast. She's happy being a housewife once again.

Special Notes: This is one of Paul Douglas's last appearances. He died of a heart attack six months after the airing of this episode. This is also the last full episode shot entirely in front of a live studio audience.

Bloopers: The grandfather clock by the front door always seemed to have the same time throughout previous Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour episodes. If you notice, when Paul Douglas comes out to the Ricardos at 4:00 in the morning, the clock indicates the correct time.

Episode #9
Season #2 (1958-59)

Aired: April 13, 1959

Jerry Thorpe (Director),
Bob Schiller (Writer),
Bob Weiskopf (Writer)

Guest Star:
Paul Douglas (Himself)

Supporting Cast:
Keith Thibodeaux (Little Ricky),
Pierre Watkin (Mr. Robinson),
Doris Packer (Secretary),
Joi Lansing (Miss Low Neck),
Sue Casey (Miss Leg Girl),
Lorraine Crawford (Miss Leg Girl #2),
Larri Thomas (Miss Hairdo),
Sam Hearn (Kibitzer),
Louis A. Nicoletti (Cameraman)