Lucy's Big Break


Lucy's Big Break

(featuring Lloyd Bridges)

Here's Lucy

Lucy has broken her leg and is in the hospital, surrounded by her loving family and friends. The staff feels she needs rest and orders all visitors to leave her alone, which makes Lucy feel abandoned.

When a handsome doctor visits the person in the next bed, Lucy schemes to have him visit her as well. The doctor catches on, and invents an imaginary illness to teach her a lesson.

Special Notes: Lucille Ball had broken her leg skiing near her condo in Aspen, Colorado, just before she is to report to work on the movie musical, Mame (1974). The film is postponed almost a year, but Lucille Ball Productions is sent into a panic. There are deliberations about canceling the still highly rated Here's Lucy, but it is decided that the best thing for Lucille is to return to work.

Almost all of this season's scripts must be quickly rewritten or postponed. In actuality, this is one of the best things that could have happened to the series at this point. Lucille's accident provides continuity and a focus that has always been missing from the program. Her inability to do physical stunts allows Lucie Arnaz and Mary Jane Croft to take over the spotlight.

Because Lucille is in a wheelchair or leg cast also makes it unadvisable for Harry to scream at her, so his character becomes a lot more sympathetic. In fact, from this point forward Lucy and Harry relate as equals rather than as boss and employee. There is an affection between them that has never before been displayed. And the Lucy character is finally allowed to age. No one calls her a young lady anymore.

Episode #97
Season #5 (1972-73)

Aired: September 11, 1972

Coby Ruskin (Director),
Bob Carroll Jr. (Writer),
Madelyn Davis (Writer)

Guest Star:
Lloyd Bridges (Dr. Paul Murray)

Supporting Cast:
Alan Oppenheimer (Dr. Parker),
Mary Wickes (Nurse Sylvia Ogilvy),
Sid Gould (Sam),
Vanda Barra (Vanda),
June Whitley Taylor (Mrs. Foster)