Lucy Fights the System


Lucy Fights the System

Here's Lucy

A middle-aged waitress comes to Unique Employment Agency seeking employment because she has been fired due to her age. Seeing an opportunity to strike back at the current youth emphasis and get the woman her job back, Lucy sends Kim as the replacement.

Armed with a phony degree in restaurant management and directions from her scheming mother, Kim drives the owner crazy with her wacky ideas, rudeness, and inefficiency.

The episode ends with Harry (Gale Gordon) getting another pie in the face. He looks into the camera and says, "I knew it would end like this."

Special Notes: This is the final episode of Here's Lucy, ending twenty-three years of Lucille Ball on weekly television. TV Guide calls it the end of an era. Although, it is announced that Lucille is quitting to pursue her movie career, the timing and truth are not in evidence.

Mame proves to be a disappointment at the box office (although successful on home video and cable), and there will be no more theatrical movies for Lucille Ball. She will make only one more movie, made for TV, Stone Pillow, in 1985.

At the same time as this series ends, CBS has canceled all of its old star shows to make way for the new ones on television. Only Gunsmoke (1955-75) will survive for one more season. Jackie Gleason, Red Skelton, Art Linkletter, Garry Moore, Jack Benny, George Burns, all are no longer on the network.

In truth, Here's Lucy had been dropped by the network. Its ratings have dipped below the top twenty for the first time in Lucille Ball's television career. Desi Jr. had already left, and Lucie Arnaz now had other career plans. Lucille would not have renewed for another season with her kids no longer on the show. It was time to leave.

Episode #144
Season #6 (1973-74)

Aired: March 18, 1974

Jack Donohue (Director),
Bob O'Brien (Writer)

Supporting Cast:
Mary Treen (Mary Winters),
Jack Collins (Harvey Stevens),
John J. Fox (Charlie),
Ernest Sarracino (Tony),
Sid Gould (1st Diner),
Vanda Barra (1st Diner),
Buddy Lewis (2nd Diner),
Harry Holcombe (3rd Diner),
Barbara Morrison (3rd Diner),
Larry Blake (Franklin),
Eddie Quillan (Mr. Jackson)