Lucy Carter Meets Lucille Ball


Lucy Carter Meets Lucille Ball

(featuring Lucille Ball)

Here's Lucy

Kim enters a Lucille Ball look-alike contest, but does not make the finals. Lucy brings the matter to Lucille Ball herself, who insists that she and Kim be in the contest.

Both ladies end up as finalists, and not only have to look like Lucille Ball as she appears in Mame, but sing the jingle for the sponsor of the contest, "Mais Oui".

Special Notes: A funny episode cleverly done with the technology of the time which has Lucy Carter talking to Lucille Ball who is busy promoting her new movie, Mame. This episode is basically a commercial for that movie. Stills from the film decorate her dressing room walls and the background music plays the title tune from the Jerry Herman score.

Some interesting inside jokes include Lucille's real husband Gary Morton appearing to see Lucy and getting permission to play golf, his favorite passtime.

Episode #142
Season #6 (1973-74)

Aired: March 4, 1974

Jack Donohue (Director),
Bob O'Brien (Writer)

Guest Star:
Lucille Ball (Herself)

Supporting Cast:
Doris Singleton (Doris),
Carole Cook (Cynthia Duncan),
Tom Kelly (Tom Morgon),
Gary Morton (Himself),
Roy Rowan (Announcer)