Lucy and Carol in Palm Springs


Lucy and Carol in Palm Springs

(featuring Carol Burnett)

The Lucy Show

Lucy's roommate Carol is the vocalist with the Vagabonds, and gets booked for a golf tournament in Palm Springs. When Mr. Mooney won't let Lucy join Carol, she fakes illness to get the time off from the bank.

The duo have a swell time in the desert flirting with the golfers, until who should show up on the scene but Mr. Mooney. Lucy weasels her way into a dinner date with distinguished actor Collin Grant. She soon discovers that Collin's golfing partner is none other than Mr. Mooney.

Special Notes: In the scene when they are putting up the names of the golf tournament, you can see several names that are crew of The Lucy Show. One of them is Lucy's husband, Gary Morton. Another name on the list is Dick Martin, a Lucy regular during the first season of the show. He's also Dan Rowan's stand-up partner on the comedy show, Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In (1968-73).

Episode #118
Season #5 (1966-67)

Aired: November 7, 1966

Maury Thompson (Director),
Bob O'Brien (Writer),
Elroy Schwartz (Writer)

Guest Star:
Carol Burnett (Carol Bradford)

Supporting Cast:
Dan Rowan (Colin Grant),
Jonathan Hole (Mr. Haskell),
William Wodson (M.C.),
William Wodson (Musician),
Al Torre (Musician),
Dino Natali (Musician),
Dino Natali (Musician),
Joe Pesci (Musician),
Sid Gould (Committee Man)