A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob


A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob (1941)

(featuring Lucille Ball as Dot Duncan)

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The girl is stenographer Dot Duncan (Lucille Ball); the guy is her boss, stuffy young shipping magnate Stephen Herrick (Edmond O'Brien); and the gob is a brash sailor known as Coffee Cup (George Murphy).

Not surprisingly, the plot involves the efforts by the self-effacing Stephen and the self-confident sailor, Coffee Cup to woo and win the lovely Dot. One night, while attending the opera, young shipping tycoon Stephen Herrick happens to meet an unusually bubbly young woman named Dot.

The following day, with Stephen's head still spinning from their dizzying encounter, Dot walks into his office to serve as his secretary. Despite her brash moxie, or because of it, Stephen finds himself inescapably drawn to the lively Dot, which is a big problem for Dot's beau, a Navy brute called Coffee Cup.

The rest of the picture is jam-packed with round-robin comic misunderstandings and wild slapstick set pieces.

Special Notes: This film came towards the end of Lucille Ball's RKO days. She had already achieved leading lady status and would only make four more films for RKO before stepping up to MGM.

Movie #52
Film Date: 1941

Release Date: March 14, 1941
Film Type: comedy
Film Color: black/white
Studio: RKO-Radio
Film Length: 90 minutes

Richard Wallace (Director)
Harold Lloyd (Producer)

Character Role:
Lucille Ball (Dorothy 'Dot' Duncan)

Supporting Cast:
George Murphy (Claudis, "Coffee" Cup)
Edmond O'Brien (Stephen Herrick)
Henry Travers (Abel Martin)
Franklin Pangborn (Pet Shop Owner)
George Cleveland (Pokey Duncan)
Kathleen Howard (Jawme)
Marguerite Chapman (Cecilia Grange)
Lloyd Corrigan (Pigeon)
Mady Correll (Cora)
Frank McGlynn, Sr. (Pankington)
Doodles Weaver (Eddie)
Frank Sully (Salty)
Nella Walker (Mrs. Grange)
Richard Lane (Recruiting Officer)
Irving Bacon (Mr. Merney)
Victor Potel (Bits)
Harry "Snub" Pollard (Attendant)
Alex Pollard (Butler)
Andrew Tombes (Bus Conductor)
Warren Ashe (Opera Ticket Taker)
Tom Quinn (Hustler)
Cyril Ring
Charles Smith (Messenger)
Dewey Robinson (Bouncer)
Nora Cecil (Charwoman)
Hal K. Dawson (Photographer)
Fern Emmett (Middle-Aged Woman)
Mary Field (Woman on Street)
James Bush
Wade Boteler (Uniformed Attendant)
Ralph Brooks
Vince Barnett (Pedestrian)
Leon Belasco (Taxi Driver)
George Lloyd
Bob McKenzie (Porter)
Joe Bernard (Tattoo Artist)
Carolyn Hughes (Dance Hall Girl)
Jack Lescoulie (Sailor)
Charles Irwin (Dance Hall Emcee)