Too Many Girls


Too Many Girls (1940)

(featuring Lucille Ball as Connie Casey)

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The light-as-a-feather plotline finds four football players hired to escort dizzy heiress Connie Casey (Lucille Ball) when she goes off to attend a southwestern college.

The girls far outnumber the boys on campus, which is sheer ambrosia for the four "protectors": Clint Kelly (Richard Carlson), Jojo Jordan (Eddie Bracken), Cuban exchange student Manuelito (Desi Arnaz) and Al Terwilliger (Hal LeRoy).

The order of billing should indicate who ends up romancing the icy Connie, but the other boys don't go home empty-handed either, not with such cuties as Pepe (Ann Miller) and Eileen (Frances Langford) around. As was customary in collegiate musicals of the era, the whole thing ends with the Big Football Game, with the four heroes emerging triumphant.

Special Notes: Now immortalized as the film in which Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz met, Too Many Girls is a faithful adaptation of the Richard Rodgers-Lorenz Hart-George Abbott Broadway musical hit. You can also spot a young Van Johnson among the chorus boys, especially since he shows up on-screen even before the opening credits!

Movie #51
Film Date: 1940

Release Date: October 8, 1940
Film Type: comedy/musical
Film Color: black/white
Studio: RKO-Radio
Film Length: 85 minutes

George Abbott (Director/Producer)
Harry E. Edington (Producer)

Character Role:
Lucille Ball (Consuelo 'Connie' Casey)

Supporting Cast:
Ann Miller (Pepe)
Eddie Bracken (Jojo Jordan)
Frances Langford (Eileen Eilers)
Desi Arnaz (Manuelito)
Hal Le Roy (Al Terwilliger)
Libby Bennett (Tallulah Lou)
Harry Shannon (Mr. Casey)
Douglas Walton (Beverly Waverly)
Chester Clute (Lister)
Ivy Scott (Mrs. Tewksbury)
Byron Shores (Sheriff Andaluz)
Amarilla Morris
Pamela Blake (Student)
Grady Sutton (Football coach)
Chief John Big Tree (Chief)
Jay Silverheels (Indian)
Iron Eyes Cody (Indian)
Homer Dickenson (Butler)
Averell Harris (Detective)
Pedro de Cordoba (Mr. Casey)
Midge Mallin (Tiny Person)
Richard Carlson (Clint Kelly)
Ellen Johnson (Coed)
Mildred Law (Co-ed)
Van Johnson (Bit Part)