That's Right, You're Wrong


That's Right-You're Wrong (1939)

(featuring Lucille Ball as Sandra Sand)

Lucille Ball Movies

In this musical comedy, the first in a series to feature Kay Kyser and his popular band, the fellas are seen heading for Hollywood to make their movie debut.

Unfortunately, their inept screenwriters cannot seem to come up with a decent story. Just as it seems they will never be movie stars, a lovely starlet falls in love with their manager and demands that the band appear in her upcoming film. They do, the film is a box-office smash, and happiness ensues all 'round.

Special Notes: This picture marked the film debut of radio personality Kay Kyser and his band.

Movie #47
Film Date: 1939

Release Date: November 24, 1939
Film Type: musical/comedy
Film Color: black/white
Studio: RKO-Radio
Film Length: 94 minutes

David Butler(Director/Producer)

Character Role:
Lucille Ball (Sandra Sand)

Supporting Cast:
Kay Kyser (Kay)
Adolphe Menjou (Stanley Delmere)
May Robson (Grandma)
Dennis O'Keefe (Chuck Deems)
Edward Everett Horton (Tom Village)
Roscoe Karns (Mal Stamp)
Moroni Olsen (J.D. Forbes)
Hobart Cavanaugh (Dwight Cook)
Ginny Simms (Ginny)
Harry Babbitt (Harry)
Sully Mason (Sully)
Ish Kabibble (Ish)
Dorothy Lovett (Miss Cosgrove)
Lillian West (Miss Brighton)
Denis Tankard (Thomas)
Kathryn Adams (Elizabeth)
Stephen Chase
Effie Parnell
James A. Starr
Elliott Sullivan (Hood)
Charles Judels (Luigi)
Hedda Hopper (Herself)
Horace McMahon
Erskine Johnson
Jane Goude
Sheila Graham (Herself)
Vinton Haworth (Producer)
Forbes Murray