Five Came Back


Five Came Back (1939)

(featuring Lucille Ball as Peggy Nolan)

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Five Came Back is set in motion when the twelve-seat passenger plane "Southern Star" crashes into a treacherous South American jungle. With a hostile tribe of headhunters drawing ever closer, pilots Bill (Chester Morris) and Joe (Kent Taylor) race against time to repair the crippled plane and rescue themselves and the nine other survivors.

It soon becomes tragically apparent that the damaged aircraft will be able to carry only five of the marooned party. It now comes down to a question of who will survive, or who deserves to: Spineless socialite Judson Ellis (Patric Knowles), his embittered wife Alice (Wendy Barrie), elderly scientist Spengler (C. Aubrey Smith), Spengler's devoted spouse Martha (Elizabeth Risdon), trollop Peggy (Lucille Ball), condemned anarchist Vasquez (Joseph Calleia), Vasquez' detective-captor Crimp (John Carradine), likeable mob henchman Pete (Allen Jenkins), or gangster's son Tommy (Casey Johnson).

Suffice to say that the ending is determined by random acts of courage, cowardice, and unexpected self-sacrifice.

Special Notes: Director Farrow remade the film in 1956 as the legendary Back From Eternity.

Movie #46
Film Date: 1939

Release Date: June 23, 1939
Film Type: drama/adventure
Film Color: black/white
Studio: RKO-Radio
Film Length: 75 minutes

John Farrow (Director)

Character Role:
Lucille Ball (Peggy Nolan)

Supporting Cast:
Chester Morris (Bill)
Wendy Barrie (Alice Melhorne)
John Carradine (Crimp)
Allen Jenkins (Peter)
Joseph Calleia (Vasquez)
C. Aubrey Smith (Prof. Henry Spengler)
Kent Taylor (Joe Brooks)
Patric Knowles (Judson Ellis)
Elizabeth Risdon (Martha Spengler)
Casey Johnson (Tommy Mulvaney)
Dick Hogan (Larry)
Frank Faylen (Press Photographer)