Don't Tell the Wife


Don't Tell the Wife (1937)

(featuring Lucille Ball as Annie Howell)

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Guy Kibbee, playing Malcolm Winthrop, has greatness thrust upon him when he buys a few shares of supposedly worthless mining stock. Though it looks as though he and the entire town will be ruined financially, Winthrop emerges triumphant when he manages to outwit up a gang of stock swindlers.

Lynne Overman has some good moments as one of the crooks, Steve Dorset by name, who intends to go straight for the sake of his spouse Nancy (the "wife" of the title, played by Una Merkel), but he can't resist trying to pluck a fat goose like Winthrop.

Special Notes: American comedy film directed by Christy Cabanne using a screenplay by Nat Perrin adapted from the play, Once Over Lightly, written by George Holland. The film premiered in New York City on February 18, 1937, and was released nationwide on March 5th.

Movie #34
Film Date: 1937

Release Date: March 5, 1937
Film Type: comedy
Film Color: black/white
Studio: RKO-Radio
Film Length: 62 minutes

William Christy Cabanne (Director)
Robert Sisk (Producer)

Character Role:
Lucille Ball (Ann 'Annie' Howell)

Supporting Cast:
Guy Kibbee (Malcolm Winthrop)
Una Merkel (Nancy Dorset)
Lynne Overman (Steve Dorset)
Thurston Hall (Major Manning)
Guinn "Big Boy" Williams (Cupid)
William Demarest (Larry Tucker)
Harry Tyler (Mike Callahan)
Charles H. West (Joe Hoskins)
Bradley Page (Hagar)
Barney Furey (Sign Painter)
Si Jenks (Sam Taylor)
Aggie Herring (Charwoman)
Alan Curtis (Customer's Man)
Donald Kerr (Smith)
Hattie McDaniel (Nancy's Maid)