Follow the Fleet


Follow the Fleet (1936)

(featuring Lucille Ball as Kitty Collins)

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This lesser Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers vehicle is one of several screen versions of the venerable Hubert Osborne stage play Shore Leave.

For reasons unknown, Fred and Ginger are virtually supporting players here, spending most of their time trying to patch up the romance between Fred's fellow sailor Randolph Scott and Ginger's sister Harriet Hilliard (better known as Harriet Nelson, of Ozzie and Harriet fame).

One of the sillier aspects of the plot hinges on raising enough money to renovate a broken-down old ship; to do this, Fred and Ginger stage a lengthy musical number that must have cost five times as much money as they raised!

Special Notes: Not only will you spot Lucille Ball but also another fresh-faced starlet, Betty Grable in this film. Follow the Fleet was extremely successful at the box office, and during 1936, Astaire's recorded versions of "Let Yourself Go", "I'm Putting all My Eggs in One Basket", and "Let's Face the Music and Dance" reached their highest positions in the US Hit Parade.

Movie #29
Film Date: 1936

Release Date: February 20, 1936
Film Type: comedy/musical/romance
Film Color: black/white
Studio: RKO-Radio
Film Length: 110 minutes

Mark Sandich (Director)
Pandro S. Berman (Producer)

Character Role:
Lucille Ball (Kitty Collins)

Supporting Cast:
Fred Astaire (Bake Baker)
Ginger Rogers (Sherry Martin)
Randolph Crane Scott (Bilge Smith)
Harriet Hilliard (Connie Martin)
Astrid Allwyn (Iris Manning)
Betty Grable (Trio Singer)
Harry Beresford (Captain Ezra Hickey)
Russell Hicks (Jim Nolan)
Brooks Benedict (Sullivan, Nolan's Assistant)
Ray Mayer (Dopey Williams)
Lucille Ball (Kitty Collins)
James Pierce (Bouncer)
Addison Randall (Lt. Williams)
Frank Mills (Sailor)
Harriet Nelson)
Frank Moran (Sailor)
Frank Sully (Sailor)
Gertrude Short (Cashier, Dance Joint)
Kay Sutton (Telephone Operator)
Herbert Rawlinson (Weber, Ballroom Manager)
Eric Wilton (Butler at Party)
Eddie Tamblyn (Sailor)
Max Wagner (Marine)
Allen Wood (Office Boy)
Bud Geary (Coxswain)
Huntly Gordon (Touring Officer)
Jane Hamilton (Waitress)
Constance Bergen (Ticket Seller)
Lita Chevret (Girl)
Edmund Burns (Sailor
Tony Martin (Sailor)
George Lollier (Deck Officer)
Doris Lloyd (Mrs. Courtney)
George Magrill (Quartermaster)
Joy Hodges (Show Girl)
Frank Jenks (Sailor)
Thelma Leeds (A Girl)
Maxine Jennings (Hostess)