Muss 'Em Up


Muss 'Em Up (1936)

(featuring Lucille Ball as Train Passenger)

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Famous private detective Tip O'Neil is summoned by telegram to the estate of old friend Paul Harding, but finds the telegram was sent by Paul's attractive secretary, Amy Hutchins.

Paul admits his dog was shot by extortionists to show they mean business, and shows Tip some threatening notes they sent. That night, Paul's ward, Corinne, is kidnapped by two gangsters and her driver is found dead the next morning.

The kidnappers contact Tip demanding $200,000, which is delivered according to instructions. Awaiting the return of Corrine, Tip learns her fiancé, Gene Leland, is an ex-convict, and he also investigates why a thug, Maratti, was found prowling around the grounds, and why Paul's brother-in-law, Jim Glenray, was seen leaving the estate late the night before.

When the chauffeur is murdered with Amy's gun as he was about to confess some complicity, Tip has to piece together various clues to pinpoint the culprits.

Special Notes: Based on the novel The Green Shadow by James Edward Grant (New York, 1935).

Movie #28
Film Date: 1936

Release Date: February 14, 1936
Film Type: mystery
Film Color: black/white
Studio: RKO-Radio
Film Length: 68 minutes

Charles Vidor (Director)
Doran Cox (Assistant Director)
Pandro S. Berman (Producer)

Character Role:
Lucille Ball (Departing Train Passenger) (uncredited)

Supporting Cast:
Preston Foster (Tippecanoe 'Tip' O’Neil)
Margaret Callahan (Amy Hutchins)
Alan Mowbray (Paul Harding)
Ralph Morgan(Jim Glenray, Paul's Brother in Law)
Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams ('Red' Cable (as Big Boy Williams))
Maxie Rosenbloom (Snake)
Molly Lamont (Nancy Harding)
John Carroll (Gene Leland)
Florine McKinney (Corinne)
Robert Middlemass (Inspector Brock)
Noel Madison (ony Spivali, Gambler)
Maxine Jennings (Cleo)
Harold Huber (Maratti)
Clarence Muse (William)
Paul Porcasi (Luigi Turseniani, Head of the Mob)