Jealousy (1934)

(featuring Lucille Ball in Minor Role)

Lucille Ball Movies

In this drama, a fighter's fiancee refuses to marry him until he can overcome his insane jealousy. He does and they marry. The jealousy resurfaces when he finds his wife and her boss in a hotel room.

He goes mad with rage and kills her boss. His wife is blamed for the killing. Just before the verdict is announced, the guilt-ridden man confesses and himself receives the death-penalty.

Time passes and his final hour arrives. He asks the attending priest to offer him a 10-count. Just as the priest hits nine, his voice becomes that of a referee and the boxer is seen slowly awakening from being knocked unconscious during a fight. The whole story was but a dream.

Movie #14
Film Date: 1934

Release Date: November 23, 1934
Film Type: drama
Film Color: black/white
Studio: Columbia
Film Length: 66 minutes

Roy William Neill (Director)

Character Role:
Lucille Ball (Minor Role) (uncredited)

Supporting Cast:
Nancy Carroll (Jo Douglas)
George Murphy (Larry O'Roark)
Donald Cook (Mark Lambert)
Raymond Walburn (Phil)
Arthur Hohl (Mike Callahan)
Inez Courtney (Penny)
The Nicholas Brothers (Themselves)
Broderick O'Farrell (Minister)
Pat O'Neill
Tom London
Theodore Lorch
Edward J. Le Saint (Hospital Doctor)
Ray Mayer (Hook)
Charles Marsh (Reporter)
Jack Mack
Ethan Laidlaw (Taxicab Driver)
Kathrin Clare Ward (Jury Woman)
Emmett Vogan
Arthur Vinton (Tony)
Huey White (Sinker)
Niles Welch (Police Doctor)
Billy West
James Quinn
Matty Roubert (Newsboy)
Patricia Royale)
Ky Robinson (Detective)
Edwin Stanley (Editor)
Pietro Sosso (Chaplain)
William Ryno (Man)
C. Montague Shaw (Judge)
Josephine Whittell (Laura)
Irene Colman
Jack Cheatham (Guard)
James P. Burtis (Brownie)
Alice Dahl
Ray Cooke (Line)
Sidney D'Albrook
Dulce Daye (Nurse)
Max Asher
James Bradbury, Jr.
Sammy Blum
John Beck
Clara Blandick
Charles King
Gladden James (Court Clerk)
Selmar Jackson (Radio Announcer)
William Irving
Jack Kenney
James J. Jeffries (Capt. Scott)
Edward Keane (District Attorney)
Phil Dunham (Jury Man)
James Farley (Bailiff)
Robert Graves (Headwaiter)
Billy Engle
Arthur Hoyt
Harry Holman (Man with Dog)
Sherry Hall
Dutch Hendrian