Lucy and the Andrews Sisters


Lucy and the Andrews Sisters

(featuring Patty Andrews)

Here's Lucy

Patty Andrews comes to the Unique Employment Agency to seek help in hiring two singers to mimic her sisters and Bing Crosby for an Andrews Sisters Revival for a Fan Club reunion. Naturally Lucy offers herself and Kim and Craig for the parts, and Patty thinks it would be a great idea!

Lucy and Kim play the other two Andrews sisters and sing with Patty while Craig plays Bing Crosby. The night of the show, Lucy manages to break all the records to which they were going to lip-synch. So they are now forced to sing the songs live. A beautiful finale with Patty Andrews singing some of the best-loved Andrews Sisters songs.

Special Notes: LaVerne Andrews has passed away by this point and Maxene Andrews has a love/hate relationship with her remaining sister that will last until her death many years later. All the singing is prerecorded and lip-synched by the trio. Lucy's real-life husband, Gary Morton plays the Emcee in this episode.

Episode #30
Season #2 (1969-70)

Aired: October 27, 1969

George Marshall (Director),
Milt Josefsberg (Writer),
Ray Singer (Writer)

Guest Star:
Patty Andrews (Herself)

Supporting Cast:
John McLaren (Elroy Sherwood),
Gary Morton (Emcee)