Lucy and Harry's Tonsils


Lucy and Harry's Tonsils

Here's Lucy

Harry shares sad news with his family of his impending operation, which turns out to be having his tonsils removed. In the hospital he is desperate to be left alone and get back home as quickly as possible.

Lucy, Kim, and Craig attempt to keep Uncle Harry in the hospital after Harry has a run in with Nurse Hurlow. Lucy winds up as Harry's nurse but once he meets sexy Nurse Dean, he changes his mind and wants to stay in the hospital.

Special Notes: This is the only time on Here's Lucy where Harry reveals his age, 51. The crew played a prank on Gale Gordon when he expected the legs on the hospital bed to break but instead, the special effects crew rigs it to snap shut, forcing Gordon to be folded in half. Although he masks his laughter, on careful viewing it shows a very startled Gordon trying to cover his surprise and continue with the scene. Actress, Paula Stewart, who stars as Nurse Dean, played in Wildcat as sisters with Lucy on Broadway in 1960.

Bloopers: Harry indicates his address as 4863 Valley Lawn Drive, which Lucy later in the series claims is her address.

Episode #29
Season #2 (1969-70)

Aired: October 20, 1969

George Marshall (Director),
Milt Josefsberg (Writer),
Ray Singer (Writer)

Supporting Cast:
Jack Collins (Mr. Phillips),
Paula Stewart (Nurse Dean),
Adele Claire (Nurse Whitton),
Mary Wickes (Nurse Hurlow)