Lucy the Sheriff


Lucy the Sheriff

Here's Lucy

The town of Cartidge Belt, a small Montana town, discovers that Lucy is the great granddaughter of their first woman sheriff, Flora Belle Orcutt. They send for Lucy to be the official honorary sheriff and queen of a week long festival.

Lucy enjoys the power and prestige of being sheriff until a real bank robbery happens during a re-enactment. Lucy ends up having to actually apprehand the bank robbers.

Special Notes: Flora Belle was actually the name of Lucille Ball's grandmother, who was considered to be quite an eccentric. She will use that name again as the character she plays in her movie, Stone Pillow (1985). This is Coby Ruskin's last episode he will direct. Lucille takes over as Director during the rehearsal process and fires Ruskin. This is the only episode credited as being directed by Lucille Ball.

Episode #138
Season #6 (1973-74)

Aired: January 28, 1974

Coby Ruskin (Director),
Lucille Ball (Director),
Fred S. Fox (Writer),
Seaman Jacobs (Writer)

Supporting Cast:
Mary Wickes (Clara Simpson),
Ross Elliott (Chuck Stewart),
Cliff Osmond (Jake),
John Craig (Rusty),
Florence Halop (Little Old Lady),
Boyd 'Red' Morgan (Charlie),
Orwin Harvey (Sheriff Bart Thomas),
Vincent Deadrick (Bandit #1),
Gerald Brutsche (Bandit #2)