Lucy and Harry's Memoirs


Lucy and Harry's Memoirs

Here's Lucy

Harry has sold his business, Carter's Unique Employment Agency. As Lucy and Harry pack up the office, they reminisce about some of their adventures together, via clips from previous episodes.

While they are talking about their memories and Harry retiring, Lucy opens up a bottle of Champagne that she got as a gift. Not knowing what to do with the chilled bottle before, they inadvertently drink the whole bottle themselves, getting inebriated with each toast.

Special Notes: This episode was intended to be the final episode. The show had dropped out of the top 10 so Lucille wanted to end the series. After the episode was filmed, CBS persuaded Lucille to return for one more season.

This is the third retrospective show Lucille does. Lucille wears one of her old, shorter wigs to match the look of the film clips. On Tuesday of the week this show is filmed, CBS President Fred Silverman comes to Lucille's house in Beverly Hills and talks her into doing another year of Here's Lucy. Rather than scrap the episode or cause costly reshooting, the script is slightly reworked so that as Lucille walks out of the office at the end of the show, she leaves a sign that says 'Temporarily' Out of Business.

Flashback episode highlights from the first 5 seasons include "Lucy Runs the Rapids", "Lucy Meets the Burton's", "Lucy the Skydiver" and "Lucy the Fixer". 

Episode #120
Season #5 (1972-73)

Aired: March 5, 1973

Coby Ruskin (Director),
Bob O'Brien (Writer)