Lucy Meets the Burtons


Lucy Meets the Burtons

(featuring Richard Burton
and Elizabeth Tayler)

Here's Lucy

Movie star, Richard Burton, can't leave his Beverly Hills hotel because of all the fans that mob him. He borrows Sam the Plumber's overalls and escapes riotous fans by wearing the plumber's disguise. Lucy finds "Sam" in the crowd and mistakes him for a much needed plumber, and brings him back to the office to fix a sink.

After he leaves, Lucy later finds a remarkable diamond ring in his overalls and just has to try it on. By the time Lucy discovers it is Elizabeth Taylor's diamond ring, it is already stuck on her finger. Liz Tayler feverishly tries to get the ring off Lucy's finger to no avail. Ultimately, Lucy's arms are used as Liz Taylor's while Richard & Liz do a scheduled press party.

Special Notes: Although this episode kicked off the third season, it was filmed much later in the season and shown as the season premiere. The week this episode aired, there was a great deal of national publicity about the show, including a TV Guide cover of the three superstars, Lucy, Liz, & Richard. This is one of the all time highest rated programs of Lucille Ball's career. In later years, Richard Burton will not remember this episode kindly. He characterizes Lucille as a manipulative, controlling bitch. Director Jerry Paris is signed to be the new Director. He and Lucille do not get along at all, and after a couple of episodes he is quietly replaced.

Bloopers: When the closeup of the Taylor-Burton sixty-carat diamond ring is shown, it is obvious that the setting is different from the studio's set. That's because the show's insurance would not cover the cost of showing the diamond at the studio if it were lost or stolen, so another shot had to be done at a different, more secure location.

Episode #49
Season #3 (1970-71)

Aired: September 14, 1970

Jerry Paris (Director),
Bob Carroll Jr. (Writer),
Madelyn Davis (Writer)

Guest Star:
Richard Burton (Himself),
Elizabeth Taylor (Herself)

Supporting Cast:
Cliff Norton (Sam The Plumber),
Vanda Barra (Woman Fan),
Army Archerd (Guest Star),
Jim Bacon (Guest Star),
Marilyn Beck (Guest Star),
Joan Crosby (Guest Star),
Joyce Haber (Guest Star),
Dick Kleiner (Guest Star),
Morton Moss (Guest Star),
Robert Rose (Guest Star),
Vernon Scott (Guest Star)